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About This Blog

I live in Chicago, having moved here from New Jersey over 12 years ago. My political and cultural views have been shaped by the turmoil of the 60’s and Vietnam, Watergate, the Reagan Revolution (aka the demonizing of government by corporate interests and the beginning of the end of our nation”s infrastructure), and of course the more recent Clinton and Bush Administrations (aka the end of free market oversight).

I share little common ground with the Tea Party Movement. But normally, I would not become an active voice of opposition other than to try to support those policies and candidates that are likely their enemies given our different points of view. Unfortunately, I have had to see the Tea Party up close and that has convinced me, and many others, that they represent a real danger to the Republic and to our Democracy, a danger that is on par with the terrorists around the world who would seek to tear down our country and our way of life.

So in this blog I will share thoughts, musings and rants about many things political and cultural, but the focus will be on the these terrorists in our midst; the so-called Tea Party Patriots, who I prefer to call the New Threat to America, a group with a primary objective of destroying the United States of America, it’s government and the Democratic  institutions that are its foundation.  What is most disturbing is that they do it wrapped in an American flag, proclaiming they are the only true patriots that exist, all while having the blood of Americans on their hands through their opposition to healthcare reform and their gleeful cheerleading of GOP obstruction to effective government.

I hope you’ll join me, if only by suggesting what we can do to galvanize the support of all Americans who will wake up one morning and find their freedoms gone and their country in decline, and then wonder what the hell happened. We came damn close under Bush, and we can’t let it happen again.

E. Gray