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Lest We Forget: The Naked Truth About the Tea Party, and Why it Must Be Stopped!

October 16, 2013

Ok America, we’ve been brought to the brink by the toxic hatred and hypocrisy of the Tea Party movement, something this site has tried to warn people about since 2010. And while the country was severely damaged, and millions of Americans injured as a result, the total devastation of our economy and our standing in the world was narrowly avoided….this time. But what of our future? How many more must suffer at the hands of a movement fueled by hatred, fear, anger, and a total disregard for our country, our Democracry, and our Constitution?

That is why it is important to remind all of America of where the Tea Party comes from, and what their motivations were, and are. Likely, few recall the story of Midge Hough, who in late 2010 was instrumental in pulling back the curtain on the then relatively new Tea Party Movement that was raising a shrill and discordant voice during the healthcare debate taking place at the time.

Attending a town hall meeting held by Congressman Dan Lipinski to thank him for his early support of the healthcare legislation then in the House of Representatives, she was invited by the Congressman to speak, and she got up to tell a tragic personal story of losing her 7 month pregnant daughter-in-law Jenny, and her unborn grandchild due to a lack of health insurance, which effectively blocked adequate access to the primary and critical care she needed when she contracted pneumonia. You see, Jenny had been left to the mercy of three indifferent ERs who had little interest in an uninsured patient, and she, and her child, became yet another statistic of America’s woeful healthcare system that for the uninsured, provides the minimum, and ultimately insufficient, treatment.

As Ms. Hough recounted this personally tragic story, it was then that she was heckled and derided by the Tea Party Patriots, a group led by a woman named Catherina Wojtowicz. The event was written about in the local newspaper, the Southtown Star and captured on a video that went viral on YouTube:

What followed was a chorus of condemnation of the Tea Party and it’s doctrine of hate and vitriol, as the attack was read about or seen by literally millions of Americans who, for the first time, saw the truly dark side of the Tea Party Movement. The leader of the Tea Party group responsible, Ms. Wojtowicz, was condemned by Keith Olbermann as a ‘Worst Person in the World,’ and the story was a featured segment on The Ed Show on MSNBC called ‘No Shame Tea Party.’

Now, in the rubble of the near disaster brought on by the Tea Party and their campaign to get rid of Obamacare, which would result in a whole new generation of Jenny’s, it is important to remind Americans of what is at risk if they continue to remain complacent and allow the Tea Party and their extremist candidates to continue their assault on our nation, our freedoms and our democracy.

While they would have you believe their movement is about spending and big government, the reality is that the Tea Party manifesto is one that celebrates hatred, racism, demagoguery, intimidation, and most importantly lies. This is something we have seen all to clearly in recent days as Tea Party darlings Ted ‘the Cubanadian Imposter’ Cruz and Sarah ‘half-term’ Palin led an ugly, and unwelcome demonstration at a non-partisan Veterans Group event at the WWII Memorial, where speakers called for the POTUS to put down his Koran and get up off his prayer rug, and where a man held up in a confederate flag in front of the White House where a black family lives. This only reinforces Midge Hough’s experience from November 2010, as do many other cases of Tea Party extremism and intimidation since the movement burst on the political scene.

This is why November 4, 2014 is now so important to the future of America. That day, when America votes for members of the U.S. House and Senate, represents a critical juncture in the history of our Republic, when all Americans must stand up to be heard in order to protect that which our Founding Fathers intended; a country that embraces diversity, welcomes those of good intent who want to live among us, promotes equality for all, and allows for the free and civil expression of differing points of view.

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  1. Matthew Trbovich permalink
    October 20, 2013 12:57 am

    You buy this crap. There are these kind of people on both sides of the fence. Zooming in on some insensitive jerk does not mean that person represents a whole movement, and this is exactly what this video tries to achieve. Demonizing any group for the act of a few people’s abhorrent reaction is as bad as the action of those few. Every group has there extremists, there maladaptives, their unintelligent, and their hysterical misfits. This video is demagoguery. the people who join this vision are no different that a lynch mob who gather their pitchforks to go hang someone.

    • March 7, 2015 1:24 pm

      I have never seen a tea bagger act in a compassionate manner, ever. Did you catch the video of a group of baggers making fun of a man with parkinson’s disease? They are vile and disgusting and traitors to everything that America stands for.

  2. TSO permalink
    October 16, 2013 11:28 am

    Send the tea party and all of its members and followers to Somalia. They’d fit right in.

    • cookj permalink
      October 16, 2013 8:51 pm

      Yeah no taxes (no government!) and no gun laws. Perfect!

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