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We didn’t have to read the TEA LEAVES to see this coming!

September 30, 2013

One need only look at Tea Party hypocrites like John Boehner to know that we are facing a much more dangerous enemy from within than from without, and that compared to today’s GOP, no terrorist organization in the world is more of a threat to our democracy.

boenerAmerica now stands on the brink of an economic calamity of potentially catastrophic proportions, the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives is in tatters due to a core of Tea Party maniacs who are in a position to fundamentally impact millions of American’s lives in tragic and even potentially deadly ways, and it appears that our government is hopelessly paralyzed for the foreseeable future.

Of course for some, it is not a surprise that we now find ourselves in this mess. Most reasonably intelligent Americans saw this coming a long time ago. But sadly, too many people either didn’t listen, or they didn’t believe it was possible that the sort of dangerous extremism the Tea Party represented could really happen in our country. Well, guess what, it can and it has, and now millions will pay with their money, their livelihoods and in some cases, their lives.

The reality is, this is about Obamacare.  And what is most galling is that the very elected officials who claim to love the Constitution and stand for true Americans, are the ones who are trashing our democratic institutions by trying to subvert a law that has been upheld electorally and legally!

But the main stream media fails to ask tough questions and the 24/7 noise of cable news and talk radio continue to promote a false equivalency when in truth, only one party, the GOP, is responsible for this mess.  And then of course there is the American voter, who is so lazy they never question the nonsense the politicians or the empty suits and talking heads in the media are feeding them, choosing to pay more attention to voting for American Idol than they do in voting to send representatives to Washington DC, resulting in a government that is populated by wholly unqualified individuals who have no other objective than to either enrich themselves or impose their religious and moral views on others.

It may be too late, but some Americans are starting to come around and realize just how dangerous the Tea Party is. As posted in a prescient TMPC article from two years ago “Tea Party Movement Getting Americans Steamed” the view of the Tea Party is going in the proverbial toilet.  The problem is we’re still stuck with the 2010 class of Tea Party representatives who are likely to screw things up for another year, so it will only get worse as Tea Party hypocrites embarrass themselves and their idiot constituents with childish behavior like the fak-I-buster by Ted (who’s your daddy Boehner?) Cruz, and by continuing to pursue their dangerous agenda intended to harm innocent Americans.Cruz

Come November 2014, the people of America who are paying attention must do something about this lest we lose our freedoms, our nation and our Democracy forever!

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  1. October 1, 2013 12:36 pm

    The American Taliban Tea Party… Doing Bin Laden Proud!

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