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Tough Times for the Tea Party Just Keep Getting WORSE!

November 11, 2011

It is not going very well for the Tea Party these days, and by the looks of things, it is only going to get worse. Just consider these recent Tea Party disasters and disappointments:

  • Caribou Barbie declines to step up to the plate in the Presidential race (probably because she realized that she would be expected to work at it for the full four years).
  • Then the movement’s second choice, Michelle Bachmann, reveals just how shallow and unsubstantial a candidate she is after a surprise showing in the Iowa Caucuses, as her campaign unravels so badly that even high ranking Tea Party leaders urge her to shut her campaign down.
  • Perry follows as the next ‘Great Right Hope’ and after roaring to the top of the heap fueled by Tea Party hate, he flames out as the national stage proves to be more than he can handle and he has one cringe inducing moment after another.
  • Then the Tea Party’s hopes of enlisting Governor Chris Christie of NJ to run for President turn out much like an attempt to lift up the plus size Governor would…they are crushed and flattened like a pancake
  • Now the latest darling of the Tea Party’s affection (or delusions, you decide), Herman (Naa Naa Naaa…Lookin’ Good Mama) Cain looks to be embroiled in all kinds of nasty business about past indiscretions involving females in his employ, with the biggest damage being done not by the accusations (which are basically he said / she said), but more by his, and his campaign’s awful attempts at managing the crisis.

Of course, all this comes as the Tea Party finds it is less popular among Americans than Homosexuals and Muslims, and as the Occupy Movement (a true grass roots effort) basically appropriates the Tea Party message in ways that actually make sense, i.e. focusing on the real problems impacting the middle class, be they caused by business, government, or the dangerous intersection of both that controls so many people’s lives and that leaves so many powerless.

So now, as the Tea Party Movement continues to crash and burn, and as more and more Americans by the day see it for what it is, a corporate creation intended to do the bidding of rich and powerful interests like the Koch Brothers, yet another humiliation smacks Tea Partiers in the kisser…the long anticipated, and long awaited TEA PARTY HD NETWORK, that was supposed to bring the movement into the media age and spread the Tea Party gospel in crystal clear HD, now turns out to have been nothing but a scam by unscrupulous profiteers looking to make a buck and screw the average Tea Partier. Yep, in an ironic twist that even the most imaginative screenwriter would be hard pressed to come up with, the Tea Party is royally screwed by the very same types of people the movement has decided to go to bat for…people who worry only about making money, generating profits, and who will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

You know, in a way it is kinda sad. Just think of the creative, innovative and imaginative programming we could have been treated to. Why, one need only remember that famous rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union that was given by Michele Bachmann, when she appeared to be staring off into a corner while addressing the nation. Yep, she was staring into the Tea Party HD Network camera, instead of the one that was being used to broadcast to the nation and the world. Let’s face it, you won’t find that kind of ‘out of the box’ thinking when it comes to broadcasting at NBC, CBS, ABC, or even Fox News!

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