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Media Lies; Praise the Corporate Led Tea Party Movement, Trash the True People’s Movement

October 8, 2011

…those same Wall St. and corporate shills on Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and across all of the media, who sang the praises of the false Tea Party movement as being an example of American exceptionalism and the common man standing tall, will show just how dishonest and duplicitous they are as they rail against what is a real movement to fight against the real threat to America and our Democracy; the abject greed and lust for power that resides on Wall Street and in the corporate boardrooms of America.

Shortly after the bail out of Wall Street and the nation’s largest banks by the government to avert economic disaster, and in the immediate aftermath of Obama taking office, Rick Santelli, a rich Wall Street fat cat who until then was an irrelevant and embarrassingly untalented media personality on CNBC, went on an alleged ‘spontaneous rant,’ blaming everyone from Obama to the Congress for being irresponsible, promoting bad behavior, and screwing the average person, and in the process suggesting that perhaps people should do what the Patriots did in Boston to protest taxes and have a Chicago Tea Party. In that rant he conveniently neglected to mention the real culprits that had brought the country to the brink; the rich and powerful Wall Street interests of which he was, and still is, a part.

After Santelli’s amateurish performance, the Tea Party Movement was born and immediately went viral. People who for 8 years could have cared less about a Republican Administration that drove the country deep into debt, waged two wars we could not afford, endangered our civil liberties with a Justice Department bent on prosecuting political enemies ahead of criminals, and lied to the public on a regular basis, were suddenly enraged by an Obama Administration that was but 60 days old, and following Santelli’s corporate supplied script, began blaming everything that was wrong in the world on the Federal Government. And Wall Street and Big Business, who bore the bulk of the responsibility for almost bringing down our economy? Well, they conveniently got a pass. Go figure!

With websites, chapters and organization seemingly appearing overnight and funded by mysterious and unseen benefactors, the Tea Party Movement leveraged all of middle America’s greatest fears to fuel a movement that whispered a little too loudly about the POTUS’ being a black man for the racists among us; gave rise to ‘birther’ claims for the paranoid conspiracy lovers out there; shouted threats of retribution for immigrants stealing our plush jobs flipping burgers and trimming hedges to satisfy the anti-immigration set; and called for punishment at the alter and in the law for those with alternative lifestyles to the delight of the religiously righteous and homophobes alike.

Some sensed that this new movement was less about government spending and frustration with ineffective government, and more about racism and white anger at losing power and preference. Others charged that it was yet another example of rich, educated and powerful forces manipulating populist anger and fears so average Americans would do their dirty work, even if it was contrary to their own self-interests.

And while the main stream media ignored these concerns, and happily rode the movement’s notoriety and YouTube targeted antics to ratings glory, troubling evidence suggested more at work than a populist uprising. Such as the report in Playboy (that was subsequently pulled under mysterious circumstances from the Playboy site) suggesting Santelli’s rant was not off the cuff “but rather it was a carefully planned trigger for the anti-Obama campaign.” In other words, a carefully organized and sophisticated campaign, one in which Santelli served as a frontman, using the CNBC airwaves for publicity, for a cabal of right-wing interests including the infamous Koch family, multibillionaire owners of the largest private corporation in America, and funders of right-wing think-tanks and advocacy groups. The scion of the Koch family, Fred Koch, was also a co-founder of the notoriously extreme, right-wing John Birch Society.” And that “Big Business was pouring tens of millions of dollars into their media machines in order to destroy just about every economic campaign promise Obama has made,” and that what is at stake “isn’t the little guy’s fight against big government, as Santelli and his supporters claim, but rather the “upper 2 percent”’s war to protect their wealth from the Obama Adminstration’s economic plans.”

So yeah, it was pretty clear then, and is even more clear now that the whole Tea Party thing was not a wave of outrage from the proletariat standing up against oppressive government and injustice. Nope, it was the rich and powerful basically doubling down to make sure they would continue becoming richer and more powerful on the backs of the average Joe and Jane. And guess what, with the help of the mainstream media, Fox News, and the almost pathological avoidance of the American voter to even question what they’re being told, let alone take the time to actually investigate the facts, the Tea Party plan worked beautifully….UNTIL NOW!

What the masterminds from Wall St. and in America’s corporate boardrooms didn’t count on was how ugly and dangerous the movement would become. One only had to look at Tea Party signs and the rhetoric displayed at the well funded rallies that sprang up to know the movement was getting pretty ugly. Or the town hall meetings where the movement came equipped with scripts and talking points provided by insurance companies and lobbyists, which they used to stifle discussion and shout down elected officials as they set the standard for thuggish behavior and mob mentality intended to intimidate and threaten. Or the spectacle of Tea Party enforcers, some wearing Americans for Prosperity logos on their hats and shirts, attacking a man with Parkinsons at a healthcare reform rally, or three male supporters of Tea Party darling Rand Paul stomping on the head of a woman who was protesting at one of his rallies.

This ugly and hateful foundation then spawned a class of GOP Tea Party candidates, many of whom were unfit to hold a job at McDonalds let alone hold elected office, like deadbeat dad Joe Walsh of Illinois and Witchy Woman Christine O’Donnell of Delaware. With a remarkable number of them combining the Tea Party rage with the limited attention span of the American voter and getting elected, the country found itself once again teetering on the edge of economic Armageddon due to the Tea Party fueled phony Debt Ceiling crisis. Only this time the creators of the Tea Party movement, the Wall St. elite, found themselves also facing disaster as a result.

But perhaps the biggest miscalculation the wealthy Wall St. and corporate Tea Party founders made was underestimating the awareness, intelligence and resolve of the American people. They seemed to believe that if they controlled the message by securing a stranglehold on the largest and most powerful media outlets, distracted us with an endless array of mindless entertainment, and continued to play on our most intimate and deepest fears, nothing could touch them.

Well Wall St., that is no longer working.

Starting with a small group of Americans who knew the truth and could see what was going on, the Occupy Wall Street Movement began to take shape, and launched September 17 2011, it has slowly begun to grow in size and in strength. Of course, the corporate controlled media, at first tried to ignore it. But as it has grown, and as more Americans join on a daily basis, it can no longer be ignored. Now, the empty suits and talking heads in the media and in the press are trying to demonize it, calling the organizers and participants thugs, anarchists, revolutionary zealots, crackpots, druggies, hippies and socialists. But the movement has continued to grow, and more and more mainstream Americans are joining, including labor unions who have seen their rights stripped by Republican legsilators at the behest of their corporate overlords, teachers who struggle to educate as budgets for schools and education are slashed in favor of tax breaks for the wealthy corporations that still withould jobs, students who face a lifetime burden of financial debt in pursuit of higher education as governments choose to underwrite big business instead of higher education, and Americans of all stripes who have watched the wealth of our nation continue to flow to those who nearly brought the country to ruin through malfeasance and deceit, yet who have never been held to account at any level.

As more and more Americans become aware and realize how they have been duped by the Tea Party Movement and the lies being told by politicians in the pockets of corporate lobbyists and by corporate leaders on Wall Street and in Big Business, the anger will continue to grow, and the movement will continue to swell. And yes, those same Wall St. and corporate shills on Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and across all of the media, who sang the praises of the false Tea Party movement as being an example of American exceptionalism and the common man standing tall, will show just how dishonest and duplicitous they are as they rail against what is a real movement to fight against the real threat to America and our Democracy; the insatiable greed and lust for power that resides on Wall Street and in the boardrooms of America.

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  1. November 7, 2011 12:53 pm

    Not a tea partier here, but I do believe they started out with a few good ideas before they were co-opted by the nutjobs and their media mouthpieces. Want the truth? See for our view from rural America. We are the 99%

  2. Gigi permalink
    October 13, 2011 12:35 pm

    It is the collusion of Wall Street, our major corporations AND our government that is the problem. I think that is understood by many, including many protesters at Wall Street.

    I don’t see how the OWS people are “mobs” anymore than the Tea party is. At the tea party protests you saw nonsensical signs like “keep your government hands off my medicare” and people brandishing guns. And all paid for by the Koch brothers and organized by Dick Armey. I’ll take the messy, authentic crowds at Wall Street over people marching around with guns, reading scripts provided to them by lobbyists (as was exposed to be the case at several of the town hall meetings) in order to intimidate those who disagree any day.

    You might consider listening to more supporters of OWS before judging who sees the forest and who is lost in the trees. Perhaps speakers like Jeffrey Sachs will be more suitable for you. He is able to lay things out in easily understood terms.

    There is a long history in this country of protests against corporate and monied interests getting a foothold in our government – see the debates between Jefferson and Hamilton. Or consider that the Tea party was a protest against the influence of the East India Trading Co cozying up with the British government. This has been an issue we keep having to deal with again and again. Our corporations need to stick to making money and get their greedy paws out of our government. Our government has been bought. THAT is the issue.

    • Ed Bradford permalink
      October 13, 2011 8:57 pm

      I was at tea party protests, never got a dime from Koch’s or even heard of them and never heard of Dick Armey.

      You say:
      “I’ll take the messy, authentic crowds at Wall Street” but I’ve seen ad’s in Craig’s list to pay people to attend OWS, SEUI and AFL-CIO are bussing people in and MoveOn, DailyKos and George Soros are all strongly support OWS.

      For all the OWS activity the only thing they can come up with is a list of

      which are laughably ignorant and don’t even address the real issues. OWS has one
      real point which America should attend to, but the folks on OWS don’t even know
      what that point is.

      • October 18, 2011 9:31 am

        Maybe you never got a dime, or know who Dick Armey was, but plenty of other TP protestors did, and do. Unlike you (according to your own admission), I have witnessed both the OWS and TP in action. And yes, there are organized elements to OWS. But the TP folks, who pretended to be a totally grassroots, bootstraps kinda movement, came to town hall meetings armed with prepared scripts, talking point bulletins, and strategy briefs regarding taxes, health care reform, and government spending (much of it factually questionable) that was provided by American’s for Prosperity (Dick Armey’s group), insurance companies and corporate lobbying groups (here is an example – I know because I saw them reading from them, and bringing up points like how ‘we needed to eliminate regulations limiting inter-state insurance restrictions in order to allow for broader competition in underwriting!’ (I mean come on, do you think Larry and Lucy Lunchbucket figured out that one on their own?). And, it is now widely known that they had detailed briefings in advance on how to disrupt meetings, total media support and indoctrination from corporate media powers like Fox News, and guidance on how to video events and edit it to best effect for YouTube and in the media (more examples –

        I guess the difference is, is OWS has been much more honest. Yes, there are organizing forces behind it. Some labor, and some extreme factions that many would prefer not have too much of a voice. But there are is also a broad coalition of people with no affiliation to any real organized power, corporation, government or special interest. And yes, you can read about it here –

  3. Ed Bradford permalink
    October 6, 2011 10:21 pm

    I guess then, I am a stooge. MSM never mentions Fed Government as enabling the Great Recession. [I watch ABC & CBS nightly.] Never do they discuss that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bought so many CMO’s so other banks could continue with NINJA Loans and Interest only loans. Fannie and Freddie (Government Sponsored Enterprises – GSE’s) own fully half of all the debt that is defaulting.

    Were it not for F&F, the evil Wall Streeters could not have created so many transactions and the housing bubble would not have happened. Fannie and Freddie were fanned by Congress and WJC and GWB to ‘increase the rate of home ownership’ – you do remember that, right?

    If anyone wants to blame Wall Street only, they are ignoring a majority of the facts.
    I have a list of at least 8 books I can provide, but I get the impression that you and your readers have made up their minds by selecting only the facts that support their emotional views. I hope I’m wrong.

    As for #OccupyWallStreet, their #1 issue is to bring back Glass Steagle.

    But the banks that caused the bailouts

    Bear Stearns
    Merrill Lynch
    Lehman Brothers

    weren’t helped by that repeal. What problem does bringing back Glass Steagle solve?

    Complaining about Wall Street only is like complaining about the Government only.
    Neither complaint recognizes or even identifies what the problems are.

    • October 7, 2011 8:00 am

      Well, you may be right in some respects regarding facts, but that is how the larger debate is conducted? The GOP says tax increases will hurt job creation. No facts exist to support that. The Tea Party says the POTUS is a Muslim socialist. No facts exist to support this. I understand you want a fact based argument, but that horse left the barn long ago. Of course Wall St. Is not solely to blame. The point is they have not suffered at all for whatever they have been responsible for. Anyway, thanks for contributing Ed. Did you know your one of our top commenters? It is appreciated, even if we disagree on some things.

      • Ed Bradford permalink
        October 17, 2011 8:40 pm

        +E Gray
        “Of course Wall St. Is not solely to blame. The point is they have not suffered at all for whatever they have been responsible for.”

        Neither has any Government official. Wall Street performed operations required of it by the Federal Government and which were funded by the Federal Government. What % of mortgages are
        owned and operated by GSE?

        OWS-ers don’t seem to have a clue on that one.

      • October 18, 2011 9:12 am

        Ed wrote “Neither has any Government official. ” Really? Are you serious? The GOP and the Tea Party incorrcectly demonize and blame ONLY the government for all the ills (and yes, they bear responsibility, just not ALL OF IT), and how many people got voted out of office and replaced by idiots like Joe Walsh and the rest of the TP brigade that nearly brought us to ruin over the debt ceiling? How many effective legislators (and yes, bad ones), lost their jobs? Come on Ed, you are better than that. You really cannot be serious. No one in government has been punished? Really? You must be joking, right????

      • Ed Bradford permalink
        November 7, 2011 5:19 pm

        Any student of the housing bubble will learn that the Federal Government played a major role. If we didn’t have any large banks, then, I agree, the bubble might not have happened.

        If we didn’t have a

        Federal Reserve, it wouldn’t have happened. Fed lowered interest rates and increased supply of money fertilizing house buying and house refinancing.

        If the Fed Gov didn’t require AAA ratings for retirement funds to invest, the bubble wouldn’t have happened. Funds invested in CDO’s rated “AAA” by
        Moody’s,S&P,Fitch as required by law.

        If Government did not make it a policy to increase home ownership, it wouldn’t have happened. Community Reinvestment Act created policies in a dozen Federal agencies.

        If Freddie Mac (a GSE) had never invented Collateralized Mortgage Obligation, it probably would not have happened.

        I think the Federal Government is more to blame than Wall Street. Anyone at any time since 1866 could easily predict what Wall Street does. They make a profit. The federal government is a monopoly on all things regulational and all things political. Monopolies reliability deliver low quality and high prices.

        It’s the low quality that you have experienced from your Giant Federal Government. Nothing different can ever be expected from a Giant, $3.6T Federal Government in the future. Where the money is, the corruption is.

        The Subprime Crisis (a.k.a. Housing bubble) was a perfect storm. Focusing only on the ‘low pressure system in NYC’ is myopic and agenda laden. #OWS must widen its understanding or be labeled a communist or socialist movement. Just hating corporations is idiotic, especially if you don’t even know what a corporation is.

        Regulations is a what-a-mole game.


        PS: Yet, there is one issue that has not been addressed.

        What if there were no “Limited Liability” enforceable “between the
        several states”? IMO, that single 1 page law would have neutered the entire
        bubble very early on. That should have been done instead of the “Sherman Anti Trust” law – in 1890. Imagine, a 1 page law replacing 100’s of thousands of pages of regulations and maybe 1,000,000 Federal Government employees. Leaders must have Skin In The Game.

  4. marion miranda- keane permalink
    October 6, 2011 3:04 pm

    Wall St. is reprehensible and worthy of the peoples contempt ! When you live threw something , face it everyday ,has affected your life , your neighbors life ,your job. What research and fact checking are you talking about ? Occupy wall st. , is saying we the people have had enough and hope the banks and wall st close down. They have done nothing to help the people who are in need !

    • Ed Bradford permalink
      October 6, 2011 4:33 pm

      If you think Wall Street is solely responsible for the Great Recession, you are misguided.
      WS can do nothing without money. Where does money come from? I have very big objections to exactly how Wall Street works also, but none of the people writing these lists:

      Proposed list of demands
      Official Demands

      and another where you can vote

      or read this ‘official declaration’
      which references yet more goals

      seem to have a clue that:
      a. WS is only PARTLY responsible
      b. Role of Fed Gov in their problems
      c. The rule of law
      d. How to identify a problem and propose a solution that is acceptable
      to most Americans.

      From my study, I give the responsibility for the current
      economy to
      40% Wall Street
      40% Fed Gov (Fannie/Freddie; SEC;FDIC;FTC;CRA;FederalReserve)
      20% elsewhere.

      Any person who blames only one of these many entities doesn’t seem to
      understand what happened to the American Economy — only what happened

      It’s important to have a grounded understanding of the big picture before
      proposing solutions. Those ‘solutions’ listed above show they see themselves
      as victims and are lashing out at what they think caused their problems.
      Paramountly, they are not problem solvers.


      PS: For instance,
      Glass Steagel repeal was irrelevant to
      Bear Stearns
      Merrill Lynch
      Lehman Brothers
      All were Investment Banks at the time.

      Did you know that?

      • October 6, 2011 9:42 pm

        Ed wrote: From my study, I give the responsibility for the current
        economy to
        40% Wall Street
        40% Fed Gov (Fannie/Freddie; SEC;FDIC;FTC;CRA;FederalReserve)
        20% elsewhere.

        Fine. The problem Ed, is that the GOP & the Tea Party blame the government for everything, and the lame stream, corporate controlled media happily promotes that narrative. And no one, absolutely no one on Wall St. or from the boardrooms of corporate America have been held accountable. NO ONE. And that is what people are pissed about. That and the fact that there is a governing political party that has demonstrated that their primary goal is to protect the disproportionate allocation of benefits to enrich the already wealthy. Ed, if you don’t see the obvious reasons why this movement is happening, then you are 1) wealthy, 2) a corporate officer, or 3) being played for a stooge by people much wealthier and much more powerful then either you or me.

  5. Ed Bradford permalink
    October 6, 2011 1:53 pm

    For those of you that think Wall Street is solely responsible for the Great Depression, I have news for you. 50% of CMO’s were bought by Fannie and Freddie. Fannie and Freddy could only buy them if the NRSRO’s gave the buckets of collateralized mortgage obligations very high
    ratings. F&F convinced the NRSRO’s to give buckets of sub-prime mortgages AAA ratings. If Fannie and Freddy could deal in those securities, so could investment banks [note, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers were investment banks – thus unaffected by the repeal
    of Glass Steagle]. From my studies, Wall Street probably owns at most 30% of the blame.

    Closed minded people won’t listen to such an argument and won’t research all the facts.

    Those in the #OccupyWallStreet mobs have not said anything yet that
    is historically accurate and considers the big picture. Some apparently can
    see a tree or two; none has demonstrated that he or she even knows there
    is a forest.


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