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Open Letter to the Tea Party in the Wake of the GOP Humiliation in NY-26

May 25, 2011

Dear Tea Party,

America now knows the folly of their childish temper tantrum last November. They now see that they have turned the keys over to a cabal of corporate masters who were the creators of the Tea Party and are now the GOP’s puppetmaster, and who are bent on screwing the average American at every turn.

The corporate led demonizing of government through their proxies in the Tea Party has succeeded in obfuscating the obvious; corporate America is the much greater danger to our democracy as they lie, manipulate and scare the average Joe and Janet into acting and voting against their own best interests.

But thankfully, what has become painfully obvious to just about everyone with any shred of common sense is that the GOP and the Tea Party have nothing but disdain for the American people as demonstrated by their support of irresponsible proposals that only cut spending to the detriment of the most vulnerable (elderly, storm victims, the undernourished, the poor), and ignores raising revenues from wealthy corporations and individuals who have gotten rich in the U.S., but who refuse to contribute to the country’s well being in any meaningful way. And it is this dishonesty that has resulted in a stunning rebuke of the Tea Party and the GOP in NY-26 this past week.

What is scary to contemplate is that there are so many who pretend to be Patriots, but who are so ready and willing to destroy this nation in pursuit of profits.

The bottom line? We shouldn’t fear Al Queda (because we now have a President who can handle them), we should fear you.


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  1. lipstick permalink
    May 25, 2011 9:34 am

    I agree a lot with this article. We do need to stop spending. We have not cut a lot of things to the United Nations that should be cut. We need to stop foreign aid or cut it way back. We cannot support the world. The HealthCare Law is wrong or else Reid and Pelosi’s states would not be getting so many waivers. Investigations should ensue there. That law needs to be scrapped and both sides need a do over. The people are not stupid. Just as we see how dems are ruining this nation we see reps getting to fired up to cut in all the wrong places. Cut funding to illegals in this country. Stop them from taking our jobs. That would go a long way to unemployment. Cut Ambassadors Fund For Cultural Presence for 60 milliom. Cut US Contributions To The Asian Development Fund for 356 million. Cut US Contributions To The United Nations Population Fund for 400 million. Just a start but I bet they could find more and leave Americans alone if they even half way tried.

    • rover27 permalink
      May 26, 2011 12:56 am

      You’re a typical right-wing idealogue that can’t think past the usual talking points the spew from Hate Radio and Fox.

      Give it up and read or listen to some unbiased news sources.

    • teknikAl permalink
      June 2, 2011 6:36 pm

      “The people are not stupid.” You yourself have proved yourself wrong with the rest of your unquoted comments. I find it hard to believe that you agree with this article then write what you did…. those are the least of our problems; no one came to the US and took our jobs, The jobs were sent outside the country where they can pay pennies on the dollar to children and slaves while polluting indiscriminately, poisoning everyone….

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