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Trump or Obama for POTUS? Tough Choice!

May 2, 2011

Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump apparently decided that not enough of the world knew he was a complete ass, so he decided to embark on a campaign that would ensure the world knew just what a vile megalomaniac he is. And all I can say is…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Yep, in his zeal to become the Tea Party’s latest darling, and to attract the rabid fringe of the GOP, Trump began a shameful campaign about the POTUS and his legitimacy by demanding he show his long form birth certificate.

Of course, once the President produced it, making ‘The Donald’ look like ‘The Idiot’, Trump somehow felt vindicated for having made the most powerful man in the world share something that no American should be forced to share. Trump apparently could care less that he basically defiled a basic American right to privacy. But then again, as the rest of the world observes quite accurately, what is happening in America is a very basic thing; Barack Obama is a black man, and a black man in power must have gotten there in a manner that is dishonest, deceitful, or underhanded. Consider this from Johann Hari in the British publication The Independent

Trump said nobody “ever comes forward” to say they knew Obama as a child in Hawaii. When lots of people pointed out they knew Obama as a child, Trump ridiculed the idea that they could remember that far back. Then he said he’d “heard” the birth certificate said Obama was Muslim. When it was released saying no such thing, Trump said: “I’m very proud of myself.” The Republican primary voters heard the message right: the black guy is foreign. He’s not one of us. Trump answered these charges by saying: “I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.”

Somehow, we’re all supposed to forget that Donald Trump, a white man, has achieved his power in exactly the dishonest, deceitful, and underhanded manner he accuses the POTUS of doing; through the good fortune of birth, multiple bankruptcies, screwing investors and partners, and by taking advantage of government largesse and tax breaks. But it would be unthinkable to make those charges or to claim Trump is somehow illegitimate because, well because he is a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant male in the U.S. and, well, you just take his legitimacy for granted, right?

And as we’re seeing on Celebrity Apprentice, his off spring are following the same track afforded most of white America, especially those born to privilege, as his two brats, neither of whom have done anything or accomplished anything, sit in judgment of a group of celebrities, some who have forged successful careers through talent, blood, sweat and tears, something the younger Trumps will never have to do. But that is the Trump way, and in some quarters, like in the GOP, it is considered the American way. If you’re rich, even by accident, you have a god given right to pass judgment on those that you consider inferior, even if their accomplishments and talents far exceed yours. As Yakoff Smirnoff says…’America, WHAT A COUNTRY!’

So now we’re to believe that Donald Trump is a legitimate candidate for President? Well America, let’s review.

Last week, the Donald and his team (his obnoxious kids) gravely sat in judgment of Gary Busey, an accomplished actor, who failed to be as effective a corporate shill for Omaha Steaks as Starr Jones was, and in a show of executive power and strength, said “Gary, YOU’RE FIRED!”

By contrast, Barack Obama and his team (national security advisors), sat in judgment of reports regarding the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, noted mass murderer of innocents, and in a show of executive power and strength, authorized the Navy Seals to pop a cap in bin Laden’s skull, thus bringing some closure to one the most painful chapters in American history, and accomplishing something the Bush Administration could not, though to their credit they tried like hell.

So let me ask you America…who would you rather have in charge?

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