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A Tea Party Tsunami? More Like a Tempest In a Teapot!

November 3, 2010

Now these Tea Party candidates have to actually govern. Let’s see how that works out. If their hero Palin is the model that they follow, they’ll be quitting in about 18 months.

Let’s all step back and take a deep breath. The midterms are over and as we assess the results, let’s put it in the proper perspective:

  • Just 24 hours ago, the market predicted it was more than likely that the Democrats would lose 60 or more seats in the House of Representatives. They only lost 58 so far, and the number is not going to go above 60 once all are decided.
  • Democrats held the Senate relatively easily when you get down to it, with it looking like 51 clear Democrats going back to caucus with 2 independents (Lieberman & Sanders). So in real terms, they’ll end up with a 53 to 47 advantage, with Biden the tie breaking vote if needed.
  • Some very high profile Tea Party darlins’ lost including Buck, Miller, O’Donnell, Fiorina, Whitman, and best of all SHARRON ANGLE, with the last one a direct punch in the Tea Party snout.
  • Some of the Tea Party hopefuls were clearly a focus for not only the Tea Party Express and Fox News, but also the GOP, with candidates like Angle, Whitman, Buck and Fiorina the beneficiaries of millions in campaign funding in either secret money, or personal wealth, all ultimately for naught.
  • Interestingly, something that no one seems to be talking about on the morning after is that many of the Democratic Senate loses were much closer than expected, such as in IL where Kirk, who was predicted to when easily, could not be declared until 11pm CDT and in PA where Sestak hung in against Toomey well into the night despite predictions that the Republican would romp.
  • Also in IL, Pat Quinn, the Democratic candidate for Governor, is ahead of the Republican candidate Bill Brady, an extremist in his own right, by a slim margin that looks like it will hold, despite the pre-election polls having him down 37% to 45%.

Hey, the traditional midterm reality is the party holding the executive branch gets beaten up. What transpired was expected, perhaps deserved to some extent, but in no way was it historic nor of the magnitude predicted just a few days ago. If the media is saying it is, it’s because to report otherwise would expose the harsh reality that their preferred pre-election narrative was more about ratings and revenue than responsible journalism. But are we really surprised?

This is a loss, but one that can be handled. Now these Tea Party candidates have to actually govern. Let’s see how that works out. If their hero Palin is the model that they follow, they’ll be quitting in about 18 months.

For us, our course is clear…this is a call to action, financially, emotionally and in sweat equity. Let’s get started….

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  1. RubyGlare permalink
    November 6, 2010 5:38 pm

    I hope the tps are angry about Pres. Bush bailing out the Banksters, but they seem to be suffering massive cognitive dissonance. They argue emotions & anyone to the left of them talks with their minds, it doesn’t make sense to the TPs. The Democratic Party better start reminding people of what they have accomplished & what they want to do because when the Right is constantly lying the truth MUST BE SHOUTED EVERY DAY!

  2. Russ permalink
    November 5, 2010 8:25 pm

    Dear Mr, Gray, This will be my last comment. I hope you and your readers the best. This blog surely shows that we will always be a divided country. Nobody wins, everyone loses.

  3. Annamarie Miller permalink
    November 5, 2010 5:30 pm

    Hello Russ:

    Certainly name calling could be considered foul language. You previously mentioned that during a time when the Executive branch of our government was held by a Republican, there was no majority in the House and Senate. It was not long ago that Senate, House and Presidential levels were all controlled by Republicans. This was the long period of time when regulations which used to be in place were summarily lifted on things such as Big Banking, Big Insurance, Big Polluters. Loopholes were created that allowed the dishonest mortgage sales to happen. Wall Street profiteers set up cozy operations for themselves that brought down the house of cards in this nation. Trauma Centers were forced to close down because liability insurance for ER docs more than doubled in 1 year. No honest business could double their fees that way and stay in business for long, unless they had zero competition. Manufacturers managed to get permission to remove “scrubbers” from their stacks and there has been a huge rise in breathing disorders since then. The Clean Air Act of the 1970’s doesn’t seem to apply for polluters any more, they just get to make extra profits at the expense of our health. Our laws have been written to force doctors to carry liability coverage but then the for-profit industry that we put them in the laps of is not regulated to bring justice to the demand of the law. Big Insurance certainly did not want competition from an affordable health care option offered all across America. That might have required an adjustment in premium fees or — oh no — maybe even some of those companies might have gone out of business the way so many others across this nation have done as a direct result of the deregulation that went on. Dangerous monopolies are not allowed to happen because they are dangerous. Remember what happened to reign in Bill Gates with regard to Microsoft/Gateway? That was under Republican majority — not Democratic majority. It is my hope that every single business owner in America who works honestly and with honorable intentions can be profitable. Remember what the revelations were in the first quarter of 2009 about record profits that were made by Exxon during the 2008 election year when gas prices hit $4.00 a gallon. We were all told that the price of a barrel of oil justified that, but that was proven to be a lie by the record profits. There was a method to that madness which involved the Big Oil industry seeking to have regulations lifted for deep water drilling around our coastlines. Deregulation mission accomplished then as well as before — with the added benefit of inflation all across this nation that year. Every company with delivery trucks had to increase prices to cover the cost of gas, etc. etc. The ultimate point here is that when we as a nation use tax incentives with Big Companies and write our laws to their benefit, then we are throwing ourselves to the profit machine. Once we are stuck in those moving gears, it’s hard to get ourselves out. That is why dangerous monopolies are not legal and exactly why Bill Gates got his wrist slapped.

    Healthy discussions with differences of opinion really can happen. They bring opportunity for positive changes in all situations. But the discussions must be respectful or I will not engage any further.

    Without Justice There Is No Liberty. When the laws of our land are used as tools for groups with unjust intentions, then our Liberty is in great danger. United We Must Stand — not just for a few big industries — but for all Americans.

    • Russ permalink
      November 5, 2010 7:01 pm

      Annamarie Miller – Do you consider calling someone a Teabagger being foul?

      • Russ permalink
        November 5, 2010 8:15 pm

        Annamarie Miller – “As for the clipped-haired, mean-faced Demoncats who tell me I’m hateful and intolerant because I oppose the tidal wave of Turd
        World immigration, I say, Go find another country. Who are you to
        judge me? You may think unlawful immigrants sucking the nipple of
        taxpayer subsidized healthcare is a good thing, but you’re wrong,
        and I’ll prove it.
        And another thing. Why should I work sixty hours a week and
        then be forced by Hillary Clinton and her party of social engineers
        to pay for the bum class? All day long, these couch-warming leeches
        sit in front of their TVs, hog down soda and beer, smoke cigarettes
        purchased with welfare-padded wallets, and then have the nerve to
        whine when some brave soul in Congress suggests they be required
        to at least do a few hours of community service in exchange for their
        I refuse to whistle Dixie while my country is being overrun by
        psycho-lib Commu-Nazi organizations like the ACLU who defend
        child molesters and terrorists, who trash our traditions, and who
        silence religious speech while wrapping themselves in the flag to justify
        child pornography–virtual or otherwise.” Micheal Savage —- Do you believe half his extreme right crap, of course not. Do I believe half of the extreme left crap, absolutely not. Just cause it’s written, doesn’t make it true. It’s funny how you can write something word for word (about something else), but not answer one of my questions. This discussions must be honest or I will not engage any further.

  4. Russ permalink
    November 5, 2010 4:28 pm

    From Mr. Gray to Russ ; Is this the direction you had in mind?? Tea Party vows to block campaign finance reform. This came from a hard left progressive site, which is like the Liberals version of Glen Beck.

  5. Annamarie Miller permalink
    November 5, 2010 7:58 am

    Logical discussions — with legitimate ideas — must happen. But remember, when one person in a discussion repeatedly uses foul language to punctuate their statements that will turn away others out here who are truly paying attention to what both sides have to say. Russ, when the only responses you’ve offered to E. Gray’s factual statements include emotional outbursts, the rest of us out here will be turned off to your input. It is also interesting that you assume E. Gray is Mr. Gray. E. Gray could be a highly educated female lawyer or doctor who is informed about the ways good people, such as yourself, end up being be lied to and, most importantly, manipulated to the behalf of profit-machines
    (Big Oil, Big Insurance) in order to protect their bottom lines? There are a lot of us folks out here who have seen from the inside how “the systems” in place work and we understand that the energy you carry in your heart must be matched with truthful information in order to protect every single American from our own downfall. Please become informed and use your ambition to make a real difference. It is my opinion that every single person we elect into any office must be monitored closely. Please, also remember that active, properly informed, Americans are our best defense against the terrorists out there who thrive on our in-fighting. Big Oil is a Big Reason for Big Wars. It is not in the best interests of Big Oil to have our nation finally seeking to reduce its use of oil. It is not in the best interests of Big Insurance to have our nation finally seeking ways to regulate out of control insurance premiums that allow small children to go to bed sick every night in our country. These big profit machines will stop at nothing to protect their bottom lines, especially not the easy task of using carefully orchestrated loud voices of people who are passionate about the state are nation is in.

    • Russ permalink
      November 5, 2010 10:04 am

      Annamarie Miller — When have I repeatedly used “Foul language”? How do you know Mr.,Mrs.,Ms. Grays statements are factual? How do you know that I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Indian Chief (why would that matter)? Why do you call my patriotism and passion, just an emotional outburst? Who cares if E. Gray is a woman, man, or mutant? What makes you so right, and me so wrong? Why is it bad for big companies to worry about their bottom line? Why can’t you understand that when you run a business, you’re supposed to make money? Can I make a real difference by listening to one sided liberal rhetoric on MSNBC? Do you have an immediate solution to big oil? Do you use plastic products, shop at stores, or drive a car? Is it a wise decision for government to control your life? Does the health care bill deal only with health care? Has your insurance premium increased since the health bill passed (mine has)? Why do you believe that we should share the wealth, with those who won’t work? Doesn’t big profits equate to more jobs and a better economy? Do you believe that the majority of people are intelligent enough to run their own lives? Why don’t you move to a socialist country that agrees, and has in place, the socialist agenda you seek?
      Your statement reversed; This big government machine will stop at nothing to protect their bottom agenda, especially not the easy task of using carefully orchestrated loud voices of people who are passionate about the state are nation is in.
      My mother was an officer for the Los Angeles Welfare Department, so yes I have a little insight of the B.S. in government programs.
      My wife and I own a small business, so yes I have a little insight on that too.
      My wife and I are raising three children, so I have insight on that one also.
      You’re just a typical Democrat, with a liberal view, who goes through life with blinders on, and insults on their tongues. You may call me an idiot, terrorist, or a Tea Bagger, but you will never call me a Fascist, Communist, or Socialist ( I would consider the latter ten times worse if you did).
      PS: E. Gray – Are you female or male (hope I wasn’t being sexist by putting the female first, don’t want to offend anyone)

  6. Alabama Moderate permalink
    November 4, 2010 12:09 pm

    Some rather interesting things happened here in Alabama that are worth mentioning. First off, the ADP is self-destructive at best and borderline suicidal at worst. They did deserve to lose. (I’ll also note that Harry Reid also deserved to lose, and the fact that the GOP couldn’t get a decent opposition is sad.) And of course, they did lose. But here’s the spectacular requirements that they had to meet in order to lose:

    1. For governor… The candidate who was the Dem. primary winner was backed by so many shifty state special interests that you couldn’t count them. He had exactly one plan for the state– to legalize gambling– and no backup plan. Later on, the state gambling interests and several legislators and lobbyists belonging to both parties were indicted (with more to come) regarding a pay to play scandal. The Republican candidate was corrupt and lied to voters, making him pretty undesirable, but he wasn’t as bad as the other guy. On an off note, there was a record number of write-in votes, and had Artur Davis won the Democratic primary, he might have won the general election. (Side note: The ADP did fought hard against Davis and managed to win because Davis refused to be beholden to their special interest groups.)

    2. For senator, Richard Shelby won, but not as soundly as he’d have probably liked. For years, the state Democrats have refused to oppose Shelby due to the size of his campaign war chest. They fear that if they go against him too much, he might use it against them. (Of course, he funds other campaigns with it anyway.) This year, William Barnes ran against him almost completely self-funded and with no (read that: NO) support from the Alabama Democrats. He lost by about 200,000 votes. If he’d been supported just a bit and gotten a little bit of media attention and name recognition, we’d be calling him Senator William Barnes by now.

    3. A Republican lobbyist (yuck-o) won the seat for AG, but the far-right Troy King (of the suing over the health care reform nature and Tea Party darling) lost handily in the primaries.

    Some of the sadder notes from Alabama:

    1. The GOP ran a campaign of ethics reform and banning PAC2PAC transfers. In doing so, they ran a highly negative campaign funded with PAC2PAC money to defeat Jeff McLaughlin. In doing so they effectively rid the state legislature of the guy who’d been authoring PAC2PAC ban legislation every single year and was the last lawmaker left who did not accept campaign contributions from anyone. Anyone.

    2. The winner of the LG spot from the party of “fiscal responsibility” mishandled the state PACT program (a college pre-payment program) and then went on to push a talking point through the media that compared parents who participated in the program to “welfare queens.” You know, as opposed to those bankers that Sen. Shelby from her party pushed a bailout for.

    3. Sen. Shelby himself was endorsed by major newspapers and even by his party for the main reason that, and I’m not kidding you here, he had more name recognition and ties to special interests while his opponent did not.

    4. Democrat-turned-RepublicanParker Griffiths’ former district saw a race between Democrat Steve Raby, who ran a bunch of PACs against Republican Mo Brooks, who had taken money from those exact same PACs. Then the Republican campaign demonized Raby for running the PACs while conveniently ignoring that Brooks had taken money from them. This district includes Huntsville, by the way, which has an economy heavily funded by federal tax dollars. The bad news is that their new representative, Brooks, thinks that federal spending should be cut, and there was a HEAVY outcry in that district when the federal government started talking about privatizing their jobs.

    But on the bright side… If this is seriously all the GOP can muster in a state as red as Alabama, then they’re in trouble. The only problem is that the ADP needs to fight back, and the Democrats took WAY too long to fight back when they should have been fighting in January 2009.

    • November 4, 2010 12:16 pm

      the Democrats took WAY too long to fight back when they should have been fighting in January 2009

      “We wont get fooled again” – P. Townsend, R. Daltrey

  7. Annamarie Miller permalink
    November 3, 2010 4:53 pm

    Thanks for the great information and uplifting positive viewpoint. It was much needed today. After 15.5 hours invested at the polls in the middle of moving a family with 2 children to new schools the crushing blow was tough. Here is some more uplifting information: We should all begin to see the Republican Party begins to fall apart from the inside now because Tea Partiers aren’t known for their ability to follow rules or dictates that will be coming down from the puppeteers who wear R’s on their sweaters. Also, it’s much easier to bark, scream and complain to win an election and much harder to do the real work. That’s part of what brought on this devastating blow to our nation and it’s exactly what we need to do now!

    Remember when the new House Speaker refers to “common sense changes that will lower insurance costs” he really means taking away more Civil Rights with Tort Reform in order to help the bottom lines of the insurance companies. This is the FIRST place that we need to attack when the subject comes up!!! Remember when we were all looking up in the sky after the 911 attacks to see if the plane we heard overhead was about to come down? Only days after the attacks our legislature pushed through a law making it illegal to sue if there is a terrorist attack. The buildings were still burning! People still underneath! Only callous, heartless bottom feeders like big insurance companies watching their bottom lines would think of such a thing at a time like that.

    • November 4, 2010 8:33 am

      I too believe that much of the rhetoric we’re now hearing from those that will take the reins of the House is really code-speak to feed the wealthy and powerful corporate interests that are the real forces behind the Tea Party. Having said that, regardless of where we stand on the political spectrum, we are all part of the democratic process and unlike so many on the right who immediately adopted an attitude of opposition and rejection after the 2008 elections, as an American I will take what the election has mandated and start with both a hope and an assumption that those elected will deliver on the promises made that are truly in the country’s best interests; less spending, deficit reduction, empowering the people to own their government, removing corporate influence from government, and governing in ways that get things done. Our duty is to pay attention and laud them when they do the right things, and hold them accountable when they don’t.

  8. WTF? permalink
    November 3, 2010 12:41 pm

    I still dont understand why they call themselves the teaparty. They do not uphold the morals and paradigms that the original tea party possessed but rather a demented view of 21st century America. This is why we get laughed at in foreign politics; because we have idiotic parties like the teaparty.

    On another note, the democrats need to step it up if they want to retain the power. They need to listen to the people and put their promised plans into motion. The worst thing you can do to an American is promise them something. We have a sick sense of deserving things….

    • November 3, 2010 12:48 pm

      I agree. They should govern to their principles and not let the debate derail them. Republicans governed from the executive branch without majorities in congress. Why dems have to be so even handed is beyond me.

    • November 4, 2010 8:26 am

      We have a sick sense of deserving things

      The rest of the world sees Americans as having ‘a sense of entitlement’. What is frustrating about that is that there is this resistance to learning from the experiences of other countries or culture. People that I work with that come from other parts of the world are typically dumbfounded by what has taken place here because to them, it is clearly obvious that the people screaming the loudest and are doing so in support of policies and interests that are designed to exploit them.

  9. Russ permalink
    November 3, 2010 12:09 pm

    Gray – Jealously and poor sportsmanship. Your team LOST!! Man up! I actually gave President Obama a B+ for his press conference. He was humble, and accepted the will of the majority. He’s intelligent enough to realize that the Republicans won BIG, and he needs to change his way of thinking! As for the Tea Party, I believe , with the exception of a few, came out way ahead. You fear Palin and the TEA Party so much, that it controls your very lives. The TEA Party has only been around for 22 months, and it’s only getting stronger. Have you thought of joining us? The way you describe us, you should fit in nicely. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY Party

    • November 3, 2010 12:46 pm

      Nice post Russ. Yep, it was a humbling. If the Tea Party candidates, and their allies govern effectively, and don’t fulfill my vision of kow-towing to corporate interests, then I’m on board. But right now, I want to work to protect the good things that have been done, and find a way to help both sides correct those things done badly or that have not been done yet. And part of that is holding those elected accountable. But don’t worry about me being obsessed with them, it’s fun to be able to write stuff and express opinions. I write a lot for work, but mostly research data and reports, and while sometimes you can be creative, its usually pretty dry stuff. The most recent post was less about sour grapes and more about making chicken salad out of chicken s**t, to try to keep the team motivated so to speak.

      • Russ permalink
        November 3, 2010 10:33 pm

        Do you honestly believe that the TEA party is nothing but a bunch of white racist? Other than a few isolated incidents, you have no proof. Obama and the democrats miscalculated the power of the TEA party, I believe you’re doing the same. You and your kind are truly afraid of us, and just want us to go away, but I don’t believe we will. The majority of Americans wish to stay Americans, and not a bunch of blind fools following Obama, down a road, that a true patriot wouldn’t waste the time to spit on. The silent majority has awakened, and we will not fall asleep again. I apologize for my “dry” comments, and will try much harder making crap out of Democraps. PS: We are seeing a huge increases in membership since last night. I’m curious just how big we’ll be by 2012.

      • November 4, 2010 8:03 am

        Jeepers Russ, I thought my reply to your post about joining your team was conciliatory. Not good for the blood pressure to get so wound up. Hell in six months, everything will be different yet again.

      • Russ permalink
        November 4, 2010 9:35 am

        Sorry Mr. Gray, but we haven’t even started getting wound up. This is not about the November elections, it’s about the direction of our country. If you wish to become another European Socialist country, then that’s your choice (better yet, move to France). It’s my choice to fight against your chosen path, and I will never give in.
        In six months, we will have doubled our membership nationwide. Can you say the same? It’s my prediction that a TEA Party backed Republican will be our next president in 2012.

      • November 4, 2010 12:36 pm

        This is not about the November elections, it’s about the direction of our country

        Is this the direction you had in mind?? Tea Party vows to block campaign finance reform

      • Alabama Moderate permalink
        November 4, 2010 11:50 am

        I’m curious, Russ… If the Republicans haven’t magically fixed everything you wanted them to by April 15th, will there be anger and consequences from the Tea Party?

        I’m also curious as to how you feel about John Boehner and Mitch McConnell both announcing on camera that they fully plan to do absolutely nothing, and then in the very next breath state that Obama and Democrats will be the ones at fault if the Republicans do exactly what they just said they plan to do. I’m also curious as to how you feel about their other statement that fixing the economy or any number of other problems is not their top priority.

        So… Knowing that the Republicans are outright refusing to do anything now that they’ve gotten more seats, will the Tea Party hold them accountable with the same anger they gave Obama for not fixing everything less than three months after (and planned less than a month after) he took office? Remember, blaming your predecessors is not an option.

      • Russ permalink
        November 4, 2010 2:05 pm

        Yes, they will hold the Republicans responsible for not trying, but will not, if the President VETO’s everything that’s passed to him. The TEA party does not belong to the Democrats, or the Republicans. The only difference between the two, the Republicans listened to the concerns of the people, without calling them names, and treating them like racist. The majority of the TEA party are independents, followed by Democrats, and Republicans.
        Boehner said he was willing to work with the President assuming he was met halfway (That doesn’t sound like he would just sit on his hands). Yes he wants to repel Obamacare (the majority wants this), but he better reform it immediately with a better option. Boehner has a tough road ahead of him, and can’t allow old school politics to get in his way. I’m pretty sure that the Dems, and their liberal media, and some Republicans will put a few road blocks in his way.
        John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell will have to, or try to do, what the majority wants. We need the economy to grow, and if that allows certain companies and individuals to gain wealth, then so be it. There is nothing wrong with being rich in America( I wish I was), but damn if I’m going to blame or discourage someone from getting there. It has always amused me how jealousy over wealth plays a big part in politics. If Obama changes his course, and forgets about his BIG Government agenda, and actually works with the Republicans, then he stands a good chance for a 2nd term. Believe it or not, the TEA party doesn’t hate Obama because he’s black, we just disagree with his ideology.
        I don’t know, neither do you, what’s going to happen in January. I hope they don’t blame their predecessors, the way the Democrats blamed Bush, and the Republicans for the last two years (that got old quick).
        If the Republicans try to shove anything the majority disagrees on, down our throats, like Obama did with Health care, then the anger will be just as fierce towards them.
        Bottom line; I don’t give a rats ass if you’re a Democrat, or a Republican. All we want is America to be the greatest, and most prosperous country in the world. You got a problem with that?

      • November 4, 2010 2:53 pm

        Believe it or not, the TEA party doesn’t hate Obama because he’s black, we just disagree with his ideology.

        I would agree that this seems to be your belief. And one hopes it is the majority sentiment.

      • Russ permalink
        November 4, 2010 6:18 pm

        Mr. Gray – Can you show me the proof that even 1% of the TEA party is racist. Just because the majority are white, doesn’t make them racist. Take a thousand white people, and a thousand black people off the street, then ask them what they think of the opposite race. Mr Gray, I’m sure you know the answer. Mr. Gray, would it be racist to have a White Miss America contest, or a White Entertainment TV program, what about a White caucus? What if white comedians always make insulting jokes about black people? When a black person calls a white person honky, cracker, white bread, and my favorite, KKKracker, does that make them as much of a racist, as a white hood wearing moron calling a black person a nigger, coon, or spearshucker? I’m not a racist, but I sure hate racist. Both races have their fools, and idiots. Both have their bums who live off the government. Most important, both have a majority of really good people.

      • November 4, 2010 6:24 pm

        OK. I was agreeing about who you are, which seems sincere, and hoping that most on both sides are not basing rhetoric on ugly motivations. Geez, I am trying to not offend, but does not seem to work.

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