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Tea Party TV: Fox News Goes All In with the Tea Party

September 17, 2010

Imagine a television network with hundreds of anti Howard Beales screaming the most batshit insane pronouncements simply for ratings and you have the current Fox “News” in a nutshell.

It has become official. Fox News is now the media outlet for the Tea Party. For many of us, this is not a surprise. Any reasonably intelligent person could easily see that the whole Tea Party phenomenon was a corporate initiative using the proletariat as a tool to limit the government’s ability to rein in Wall Street and the abuses taking place in the executive boardrooms of so many Fortune 500 companies. So it was just a matter of deciding which corporate media entity would be used to spread the corporate kool-aid that feeds and infuriates the Tea Party masses.

Initially, CNBC seemed the likely choice because of Rick Santelli’s now famous ‘scripted rant’ on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. It was all very well coordinated and staged, with the immediate followup to Santelli’s perfromance being the roll out of already established websites and Tea Party chapters overnight, all funded by shadowy corporate benefactors (can you say the Koch Brothers?). But the one mistake CNBC made was putting Santelli front and center as the spokesman. Aside from not being too bright, or very talented, he didn’t even have the stones to go on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and defend his grandstanding for the corporate elite. What a pussy!

With CNBC relagated back to broadcasting unwatchable talking heads nattering on about stocks, Fox News realized it had to break from its ties to the GOP and step forward to claim the mantle of being the Tea Party’s cable propoganda outlet with personalities from John Stossel (who did not have the talent or integrity to succeed on a real network) to Glenn ‘It’s Morning Zoo Time in America’ Beck, and news bunnies like Megyn Kelly (can’t she spell her name normally?) and Ainsley Earhardt all lending their shrill voices and limited intellect to the Tea Party cause!

And if there was ever any doubt that the network has thrown off the shackles of being the defacto media arm of the Republican Party, just watch Repbulican stalwart, and serial liar Karl Rove get attacked on Fox News over his comments regarding the Delaware Senatorial candidate, nutjob Christine O’Donnell.

How long before the FCC begins examining the Fox News broadcast license? They are beginning to foment civil insurrection, and there have been several violent acts perpetrated by people who cite Fox News personalities for inciting them to action. Oh wait a minute, I forgot, if anyone were to do the common sense thing and enforce reasonable limits on what is appropriate for over the air broadcasting, Fox News devotees would scream socialism, or facism, or some kind of ‘ism’ as they looked to the skies for black helicopters.

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  1. September 18, 2010 8:05 pm

    A great sentence ruined by reign vs rein. 😦

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