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TIN FOIL HAT AREA: Tea Party Darlings Gohmert & Riddle Will Save Us From TERROR BABIES!

August 23, 2010

In case you missed it last week, two of the Tea Party’s favorite politicans revealed that we are all in danger of being attacked by an invasion of…TERROR BABIES!!!

Yep. Terrorists are coming to America to have their babies, wait 21 years, and then have their children petition the government to grant their parents entry to the U.S. where they will then attack our freedoms and democratic institutions, as well as threaten our very way of life!

While this is pretty scary stuff, I think maybe we ought to worry about a more immediate threat to our freedoms, our democracy, and the principles upon which our country was founded, the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT…a phenomenon underwritten by wealthy benefactors and corporate interests like the Koch brothers to do their bidding, and that threatens all Americans, regardless of color, creed or political persuasion. As if you need further proof of that, just listen to these two stalwart, Tea Party darlings as they enter ‘THE TIN FOIL HAT AREA’.

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