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GUEST COMMENTARY: Crashing the Tea Party

June 28, 2010

(By PJ Breslin from the Aspen Times)
As a fan of founder history, and an owner of the collections of Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, and other great writers who inspired our independence, I am both amused and offended by the misuse of revolutionary symbolism in the so-called Tea Party movement. I’m sure our founders are either laughing hysterically, or rolling in their graves, at the egregious hypocrisy of those who use their language and symbols to justify what amounts to the opposite of their intent.

A glaringly obvious example of this misuse was the sight of a Gadsten Flag sticker on the bumper of a natural gas service vehicle. The irony is obviously lost on the geniuses who use the coiled rattlesnake and the “Don’t tread on me” motto to epitomize their unhappiness with our current administration. The fact that this particular symbolism is invoked to support the unfettered right to corporate profit, over the safety and security of people, as evidenced by the current BP debacle, is both outrageous and ridiculous.

Benjamin Franklin first used the snake symbol in his now famous political cartoon from the French and Indian War. He defends his imagery by explaining: “She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage … Conscious of this, she never wounds till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her. — Was I wrong, Sir, in thinking this a strong picture of the temper and conduct of America?”

Hardly an image one would conjure for self described “Tea Partiers,” who attack the patriotism of those who disagree, and use lies and deception to smear good reputations, and criticize intelligence. Who advocate for “we the wealthy,” and against the well-being of working people. Who rally for corporate rights and deregulation, and against fair and safe oversight, and environmental practices. Who rant against health care for all, while collecting Social Security and Medicare. Who favor enriching banks and insurance companies, while endangering and bankrupting the citizenry. And most tellingly, who are willing to apologize to an oil company responsible for the destruction of an entire culture and ecosystem, while families and wildlife struggle to survive the consequences of their heinous irresponsible acts.

And while our courageous forefathers risked their lives, their liberty, and their sacred honor for the betterment of people everywhere, these self-proclaimed patriots risk nothing. They’re sole concerns being their own bottom lines, being able to continue to fill their SUVs, and to perpetuate rationalizations for their prejudice and self interest. All the while masking their true intent with the inspirational words and symbols of those who were willing to die to forever secure the rights of “We the People.” The fact is, the “Tea Partiers” are the British in this “revolutionary” comparison, and they’re too historically impaired to even know it. The irony would be incredibly funny, were it not so hideous.

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  1. July 16, 2010 3:20 pm

    The Tea Party Movement takes the heat from the ‘Crasher’ threat and grows strong.

    The Tea Party Movement’s progress relative to the quote of Mohandas Gandhi – “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    is evidenced by organized threats and provocations.

    Tea Party people have risen to the challenge without error, apparently without exception.

    Extraordinary – given human history.

    Why is the Tea Party movement so exceptional?

    Given what I read at and

    1) The Tea Parties and their organizations are movements not political parties.
    OK, moving our countries leadership to what is right does not kick someone else's rice bowl.,/code>

    2) The Hampton Roads Tea Party is a Patriot organization that demands Fiscal Responsibility, Smaller Government and a Free Market Society.
    OK, There is no particular here that can be rationally attacked, yet the principals nail what must be.

    3) Pretty much every TPM person is expected to become their own leader and tester of truth. THIS IS MAY BE ONE KEYSTONE OF TPM’s rapid increase in competence.

    4) Tea Party movement (TPM) people generally delight is testing and refining their views in discussion.

    Even so, the Vladimir Lenin quote - "If you want to conquer a nation,you must first confound it's language" explains much of why people have difficulty talking with each other.

    Discussion has turned into an argument to be won or lost, not an appropriately humble reaching out for a larger truth.

    The misplaced urge to win and make true, things who’s truth are independent of us, has caused dissemblance, equivocation and Saul-Alinsky-isms to appear smart.

    Those forms of lying cause us and this nation to lose our bearing, become lost and defraud us of our birth-rights.

    <b.A sure sign that this is happening is that an argument has the after-taste of ashes.

    Even so, if our language can be confounded it can be unconfounded also.

    The conversational task is a bit like team technical rock climbing.
    It is useful to be careful of whom you climb with.

    Some in our nation, being ‘children of the lie’, are so enthralled with winning false contests that every conversation is a subtly toxic exercise in abuse whose spirit is entirely criminal.

    Some immature patriots are overly quick to ascribe criminal intent behind users of confounded language even when the speaker is doing that because that has become the language they know.

    Also some immature progressives (by definition, most of them) cannot stand to see their arguments stripped naked.

    The more mature patriots monitor and moderate this situation so that it does not approach “disorderly conduct” bringing reproach upon all.

    Citizens of the ‘progressive’ persuasion tend to be so hand-to-mouth in their thinking that ‘disorderly conduct’ is likely when their arguments are made naked of deception.

    This tendency of ‘progressives’ towards violence is enlarged by the fact that the ‘progressive’ officers of our government typically have advanced their agenda by means of felonious trespass against our Constitution.

    Because those officers are sworn to
    faithfully protect and defend our Constitution
    the trespass perpetrates felony of
    the VA18.2-111(statutory embezzlement), Va18.2-481(5) (statutory treason), 18UCS1341 (frauds & swindles) and 18USC4 (misprision of felony) variety.

    It is no defense that such felonies are customarily, yet unlawfully, conceited as
    the prerogative of their rule.

    Given the multiple class II felony nature of those wrongs I find it astonishing that among Tea Party people there is so little bitterness and expressed desire for vindictive punishment. Perhaps, the faith so common among Tea Party people is showing, causing them, without any apparent strain, to behave in accord with:

    “Only he can take great resolves who has indomitable faith in God and has fear of God.” - Mohandas Gandhi
    “Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause.” - Mohandas Gandhi
    “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” - Mohandas Gandhi

    The TPM essentially just wants the Republican and Democratic Parties to do a better job of raising candidates for political office - Candidates, who when they become elected officers, will obey their oath to faithfully protect and defend our Constitution and thereby end the conceited custom of perpetrating felony as though that was a prerogative of their rule.

    The Tea Party people are not engaging in the ‘King-of-the-Hill’ game as the political parties are.
    The Tea Party people, being of the Sovereign People, are only claiming what is already their birth-right established by this nation’s creator.

    They do not want anyone else’s portion.
    We win justice quickest by rendering justice to the other party.” - Mohandas Gandhi

  2. Lysander permalink
    June 29, 2010 9:09 am

    Taxation, that is, engaging in an act of force to expropriate someone’s property
    will not receive much of a reaction, so long as their is a perceived “public goods”
    benefit. Successful politicians, like any accomplished con artist, know the threshold,
    beyond which they dare not tread for fear of “killing the goose”, but they are no longer
    dealing with geese, but Franklin’s rattler. Many people are giving fair warning that
    extortionists have gone over the threshold and it is they who are ultimately responsible
    for the consequences.

  3. Jerry Wayne Borchardt permalink
    June 28, 2010 9:05 pm


    I agree that we should be able to have civil discourse. If you find us liberals angry, well I can only speak for myself. I find a large amount of daily radio programming throughout our country, as well as an entire cable news network, engaged in a single minded campaign to smear liberals, Democrats, and President Obama and his administration. These voices do not generally present reasoned or fair discussions concerning the merits or demerits of political policies, but instead rely on outlandish interpretations, pure fantasies, and falsehoods that virtually present modern liberalism as not only apparently in league with demonic forces, but led by Hitler’s brain (kept, no doubt, in a jar next to Hillary’s cold cream).

    Listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. Rush says Pres. Obama is trying to weaken our country in order to set up a fascist dictatorship. Limbaugh also occassionally refers to the President as a “man child”. Get it? The first black American president is a “man child,” or, in other words, a “boy.” Isn’t Rush clever in his masking of a racial slur?

    And what can we say about Beck and his statements that Pres. Obama is a racist, or that the President is secretly bringing about a New World Order ( the long standing crank conspiracy
    theory leveled by the far right against any leader to the left of Atila the Hun, such leaders as Dwight Eisenhower or Bill Clinton)? Beck and company are virtually equating Pres. Obama with Hitler, and American liberals with brownshirt totalitarians. And you are offended because someone calls Teabaggers “pussies!” What a world we live in.

    Now, what does this all have to do with the Tea Party movement? Check out elements of the Tea Party demonstrations, and you will see folks proclaiming their trust in the likes of Glenn Beck. Look at the racist signs that appear at such events, and realize that no Tea Bag leader has been agressive in disavowing such comments. Realize too that Tea Bag leaders behind the scenes such as Ron Paul and Dick Armey are likewise egregious in their anti-liberalism, forgoing calm criticism in favor of making Pres. Obama seem virtually a Soviet, and in equating “liberty” with tax relief for the wealthy and with an absence of government regulation of business, and “tyranny” with any social view that does not include a foundation of social darwinism (or, in other words. a government of “tyranny” engaged in promoting common good and not one given over to a neglecting survival of the fittest society).

    You speak of anger? Do you remember the congressional town hall meetings, where the crowds of angry tea sympathizers disrupted the speakers (if Democratic) with cries of “lies,” in deliberate attempts to disrupt, disrespect, and defame elected leaders from the Democratic party? Did you decry these displays of anger, or do you find only liberal anger illegitimate? Or do you remember the public health care meetings where individual health care nightmare stories were openly mocked by tea sympathizers?

    I grant you the fact that the Tea Party movement is more diverse than we liberals sometime acknowledge. But remember this please: taken as a whole, the Tea Bag movement is just another arm (the “street” arm) of a hateful, anti-liberal propaganda machine that does not honestly present the issues, to say the least.

    • car25 permalink
      June 29, 2010 7:31 am

      I have seen very few racist signs at tea party events. i’ll give MSNBC a hand for somehow managing to find the one or two extremists out there. harry canary, you kill me, man. All those words and you say absolutely nothing.

      Is Rush a little over the top? No, he’s very over the top. I agree. But guess what? You don’t have to listen to him. I don’t ever recollect Beck calling Obama a racist, but he does call him a socialist. Read Obama’s book and it’s rather eye-opening. The man said he purposely surrounded himself with Marxists and attended socialist meetings. All the pieces are there, it’s whether you have them or not.

      Take this from “Dreams from My Father,” Obama’s first book:

      “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully…The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets…we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.” -p. 100

      A small example, but clear that he preferred hanging with people who have radical beliefs. He also said later in the book he attended socialist meetings at Cooper Union. Maybe you guys like socialism, and that’s fine…it’s just not for me.

      Maybe you guys are right. I really don’t think so. But it doesn’t matter what I think, right harry canary? Because I’m just a young nitwit who doesn’t know any better, right? Because I’m a young engineering student, and you’ve been complaining longer than I’ve been alive means I’m pretty much discredible, huh? We’ll find out if what Beck says and if what a lot more people are recognizing comes true.

      I’ll end with this. In November, I predict RepublicAns take back at least the house, maybe the senate. In the time between November and January, if that happens, we will have what is called a lame duck session. If the current Congress tries to press through as much legislation as they can in that short time frame, then what Beck and many others have been calling for might actually be true. I challenge you both to follow this carefully with a close eye. If they try to do that, they aren’t looking out for you. They got voted out, and they are simply trying to put their stamp on whatever they can while the still have power.

      • harry canary permalink
        June 29, 2010 8:20 am

        Boy, the only reason you think I say nothing is that you are not listening. You are another inexperienced, miseducated wonder talking out of parts that should not be talking. You dared to lecture me on engineering, got slapped down and now you have nothing to say, as if you did before.

        If you know so damn much, what is the real irony of the name Macondo which is the name given the well being drilled by the Deep Water Horizon drill ship? When you understand that you will know something. But by then you will have forgotten.

      • car25 permalink
        June 29, 2010 9:11 am

        I understand the irony…the thing was cursed upon nomination. But what does that have anything to do with engineering? Again, I’ll take the answer given to me from graduates from the Merchant Marine Academy over some guy on an unknown, worthless blog claiming he knows everything there is to know about engineering.

      • harry canary permalink
        June 29, 2010 10:01 am

        No you do not know the irony. It has nothing to do with a curse. And I do not need engineering lectures from know it all interns. You though you would blow a lot of smoke up my butt and came up embarassed when you bragged about an internship. Now you have no cards. I hope you are never put in charge of anything significant; you bring a water pistol to a gun fight. Typical teabagger, all huff, puff and smoke nothing of any substance.

      • car25 permalink
        June 29, 2010 10:20 am

        Harry, if that isn’t the irony (from “One Hundred Years of Solitude”), then please inform me what is the irony, I would like to know. I never bragged about an internship, simply stated that I have one. I never planned on blowing a lot of smoke up your butt. I didn’t even learn that from my internship. I learned it from engineers who graduated from USMMA in NY.

        If you can’t inform me what the true irony is, I will assume that you don’t know either, for why would you not want to inform others you claim are misguided?

      • Jerry Wayne Borchardt permalink
        June 29, 2010 10:19 pm


        There have been racist signs at Tea Party events, even near the speakers platform. I know of no aggressive denunciations of such expression by Tea Baggers, including yourself. You seem to blow it off by misdirecting us to MSNBC.

        Beck has famously called Pres. Obama a racist, and has lost a great deal of sponsorship of his TV show as a result.

        Your guilt by association concerning Pres. Obama and Marxism is a tactic as stale as Joseph McCarthy. The president is not a Marxist. His involvement with “radicals” in university is called “an education” and is based on a free give and take of ideas. Besides, who is more radical anyway: Barack Obama, who is trying to stimulate a deeply recessed capitalist system, or Glenn Beck, presenter of ignorant, tired Bircher noise?

        I have “palled around” with Mormons, gone to their meetings, etc. I assure you, I am no Mormon.

        True, I do not have to listen to Rush. Likewise, you don’t have to read DON’T TEA ON ME. I believe that Rush is doing harm to our country by lying daily to millions and millions of Americans who forget he is just an “entertainer.”

        You started off defending the Tea Party as if it has been misunderstood by blue meanie liberals. You finish up by reminding us what we really knew it was about all along: the ALDL (the Anti-Liberal Defamation League).

  4. Spunyun permalink
    June 28, 2010 5:32 pm

    Wow! The level of discourse here is about 8th grade. It seems to be like this a lot where ever “progressives” and “conservatives” square off. They really love to hate the people they disagree with. Even to the point where there diatribe is nonsensical.

  5. Jason permalink
    June 28, 2010 4:17 pm

    Well car25,
    On your first “bone to pick”… You (TP) attack so much that when the people of this country finally start to push back you call your attacks a defence? You guys constantly accuse Mr. Obama of being Socialist when he’s obviously not. You accuse him of raising your taxes, when he obviously did not. You accuse him of setting policy that go against the constitution when he certainly is not. And further, you accuse him of racism, when he obviously is not.
    2. Who, in this economy, and in his/her right mind, can sit back and say that those who are not working are simply choosing not to work? People in this country are certainly trying to find work, understandably there will always people who will find a way to work the system. But to make the argument that under the current cercumstances surrounding unemployment in this country that those out of work, simply won’t work, is disingenuouse at best and ignorant at worst.
    3. And the rest of the country is not against Capitolism. However, Capitolism run unchecked will certainly and without failure lead to corruption. Just ask the big wigs over on wall street, or BP for that matter, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” On this issue their must be balance, and though you talk like you can accept a certain amount of oversight, the rants of the TP do not offer the same retoric.
    As far as 4 is concerned… I agree that your particular concern is lagitamate, I have the same concern. But I think that as baby boomers are entering retirement it will be impossible to change this moments before nearly an entire generation, who has had the same concerns through their lives, are to finally collect. As it would be for us I’m sure.
    5. As a TP member, YOU have made that apology. In aligning yourself with a fringe group of mislead citizens you have aligned yourself with corporations like BP (big oil), Halliburton (big war), Pfizer (big Pharm). You stand for them, and I will stand with the American people.

  6. harry canary permalink
    June 28, 2010 3:09 pm

    1. The teabaggers aren’t atacking anyone you say. Except why did the clowns bring guns to the townhalls? Well you are probably right, the teabaggers are pussies who shoot off their mouth, acting tough in mob but run scared at real confrontations.

    2. Ahh but they do advocate for we the wealthy. They do not say word about mama’s boys and trust fund brats being handed everything without working for it. They just scream how auto workers and other working people make too much. The teabaggers are salesboys, yuppie marketeering trash and retirees who do not want the rest of us to have pensions or medicare like they do.

    3. You would not know what fair oversight is. Controls were removed on the banksters and guess what. The system went to pieces and your republicon buddy georgie demanded welfare for his rich bankster buddies. All that with no accountability, no prison sentences which are richly deserved. Oversight was removed on oil drilling and we have a disaster which ruined most of the gulf of Mexico. You teabaggers still aer too full of hot air to admit you are wrong and wrong again. You need to change your designation from the right wing to the wrong wing.

    4. Social Security is not going bankrupt. It is being raided to give tax breaks to your rich buddies and to pay for military contracting scams. You are too young to realize that the 401Ks and IRAs are all being raided and manipulated by your republicon buddies at the Wall Street criminal syndicates. Your accounts would be trashed by this scum and you would never get a chance to retire.

    5. There has been a whole flock of CONservative and libertaricon sheep apologizing for BP, including rush blimpbaugh and half of the republicon congress. The remainder, like you, apologize to the oil gangs other than BP. There was a slightly (not much) smaller spill in Mexico in 1989 under similar circumstances. It was not BP. You are like the teenage drunk who ran into a tree and complains that you should get your license back because there are other trees. If oil drilling cannot be done without poisoning the entire world then we should not do it. And I do not believe the oil men. They lie like all of the other CONservatives. The teabaggers probably are not lying because they are not smart enough to see they are tools being used and whining when the policies they want blow up. Yes this mess is BP’s fault. And I am not sure they or anyone else can stop or clean it up. We need to think real hard about that before diving into another pile of crap. Only terminally stupid people would say otherwise, in other words teabaggers

    • car25 permalink
      June 28, 2010 6:15 pm

      Every single website I have ever commented on, I have given my view. I try the best I can to reason why opposing views are wrong or misguided, but I can honestly say I have never personally attacked someone. You liberal bloggers are all filled with so much anger, and I really don’t know why. You responded to my last comment with such inflammatory rhetoric, when really all you have to do is just respond to what I say in a logical, sensical manner, with maybe just a sprinkling of professionalism. First example is in your first response. You call Tea Party members teabaggers, clowns, and pussies. I would simply call you a liberal, maybe a radical leftist if I was feeling extra angry. But you guys are so full of this anger, you feel the need to insult everyone who does not agree with you. Why can’t we have a logical argument and present our personal views without being verbally lacerated? Anyway, I will now refute…

      1. I’m pretty sure that a majority left their guns at home, if they had one. Besides which, it’s a 2nd Amendment right, which just today, was confirmed by the Supreme Court. But you liberals aren’t very much on that silly, outdated Constitution, right? Go to a Tea Party, as much as you cringe at me saying that, I think you will find out that most of the people (and I say most because there are some radicals, but there are radicals all over the spectrum) that attend the rallies are your average, everyday American. They’re pretty friendly, actually; not monsters like Chris Matthews tells you.

      2. That is exactly what the Tea Party is about my friend, the middle class. I can’t stand what you call mama’s boys and brats, although I disagree with your terminology. When I think of a mama’s boy…well that’s off-topic. The Tea Party is all about working for your own money, not having it given to you. They despise just what you say they support. The Tea Party is retirees, it’s young college students whose parents had to work hard everyday to make a living, and who were raised with good morals and self-respect, it’s working moms, stay-at home moms, doctors, farmers, teachers, administrators, but most of all, middle America. I guess that’s one thing we can agree on…we don’t like those spoiled brats whose mommy and daddy give them everything they ask for in life.

      3. Just because I’m conservative most certainly does not mean I am a Bush supporter, despite liberal belief. I think most people in this country today (and that’s because most people fall in the lower- and middle-class ranks) approve of Wall Street regulation and cracking down on the banks. In fact, the Tea Party movement was born out of the big bank bailouts. I wasn’t talking just about Wall Street and oil when I mentioned regulation. Take this for example…I’m interning for a fire protection engineering company, and we are conducting experiments at fire departments flowing water through fire hose. But, due to EPA regulation, we can only use so much water, because apparently tap water is damaging to the sewer lines, where to water would ultimately be going. The EPA is necessary for some things, but that is one example, and a small one at that, of, what I consider, an overreach in regulatory power.

      4. Social Security IS going bankrupt. No matter who’s getting the money, one way or another, it’s being emptied at an alarming rate. I don’t have any rich buddies. I grew up in a small suburb in Pennsylvania about an hour north of Baltimore. My parents worked hard for what they make, and I would never consider a house with one shower living the rich life. I am not too young to know what’s going on. I already agreed with you big banks and big business need regulation, because you’re right, they are greedy people.

      5. No man. Half the Republican congress did not agree with Barton. An overwhelming majority demanded his apology, which probably he didn’t really mean. You’ll probably tear me apart for this one, but I can understand where the guy was coming from. I could be wrong on this, but I think he was trying to say that setting up this fund is not a power of the executive branch. The court system is what should be used to bring about all charges, and those affected by the spoil would take their claims through the courts. Let me make myself clear: BP should pay 100% (and then some) to anyone and everyone this disaster affects. BUT, those people should file suit, the Constitutional approach of seperation of powers. Oh man, I’m scared to see how you respond to this. As far as not drilling, do you really think we can just cut off our oil needs suddenly without a backup plan? We’ve depended on it and other fossil fuels for hundreds of years for energy, we can’t just stop today. It will take time, energy (no pun intended), research, and money to harness solar, wind, and other enviro-friendly sources of energy. But until then, we can’t just re-enter the stone age. This actually brings up another point…if it weren’t for radical environmentalists and far-left idealouges, BP wouldn’t be drilling that far out. We could drill closer to shore, where the waters aren’t so deep and rigs are much more manageable, but because of those environmentalists and leftists, we can’t. The Green River Formation in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming alone has over 800 billion barrels of shale oil, 3 times as much oil as all of Saudi Arabia. But we can’t touch that either. Here’s the link:

      Again, I just want to reiterate. You are right in that we cannot depend on oil, coal, and natural gas forever. But until we harness other types of clean energy, we have no choice but to continue our dependence.

      As far as the cause of the BP oil spill, I’ll give you a basic summary:

      Basically, there are 6 safety valves that shut off the flow of oil through the tubing up to the rig. However, the most important safety precaution is this $10 million switch that the oil workers can turn off if there is any presumable danger. However, this switch was broken, and the workers on the rig platform knew this, and even emailed BP officials to inform them. But BP didn’t want to spend the money to fix it. They would lose about $1.2 billion per day while they repaired it, which would only take about 3 days. So, the officials, against the law I will add, ignored it, and eventually a giant bubble of gas emitted from the well, rose to the surface, and this was responsible for the explosion that killed 11 workers. So, yes these need to be regulated, but a moratorium need not be instituted. BP performed illegally, and they deserve whatever is dealt to them. But to say that all rigs are potentially faulty because 1 (or 2 as you cited one in 1989) is like saying that all restaurants should be shut down because two didn’t pass the FDA’s inspection. You are right, we do need to rethink our strategy: please environmentalists and hippies and be forced to drill miles down in the bottom of the ocean, where any problems are magnified, or move to onshore sites, maybe like the largest deposit in the world that I mentioned before…that is until we move to other energy sources, of course.

      I conclude by saying, please give me evidence that what you say is correct. Ending each of your sentences or rebuttles with an insult further unjustifies your statements. I hope that you do respond to me, as I want to see what you have to say. I simply ask that you are respectable, somewhat professional, and back up what you say.

      • harry canary permalink
        June 28, 2010 11:55 pm

        1. I have encountered 30 years of disrespect from the so called right wing and its little followers ever since the reagan regime. A constant stream of abuse from the CONservative radio movement like limpbaugh, beck, hannity, oreilly, savage, coulter etc. and the ditto head flock of followers. Abuse from the gingrich, rove, bush, reagan etc. Now you people want to talk respect. Read the typical teabagger sign carried at the rallies or listen to the shout downs of any disagreement at the townhalls. When that garbage gets fixed then we can talk respect. You wrong wingers poisoned the dialog. When you set it right we can talk but I have not seen any real effort there yet. You just cannot admit that you are wrong. The removal of regulations has lead to disaster in finance and the gulf but you still cannot admit your ideas just might be a teeny bit wrong. No your theory is correct it just needs tweaked. Sorry no room for dialog there, you are still on a one way street and only room for your way

        2. Every teabagger I have encountered is anti working people and anti union. They come from too comfortable upper class families whose mommies and daddies paid for their school and who do not have a clue about work. Most are in sales and marketeering if they work at all. They do not want to pay for the goodies they get. They think they are better than other people meaning blacks and working class families. They all need a dose of real world and are likely to get it soon whether they want it or not. They will be shocked to find that big business and the rich do not give a rats ass about their marketeering degree and will trash them as quick as an assembly line worker.

        3.If you are not a republicon and a bush junior supporter, then who else have you voted for? I am sick and tired of goofy so called libertaricons and teabaggers claiming to be independent when all they do is vote knee jerk republicon and repeat rush limpbaugh or ayn rand talking point nonsense. Every regulation the government puts out has a basis in some abuse. As silly as some seem, some corporation has abused their workers or customers or innocent bystanders causing the regulation to be created. That is the sad truth. Trusting business to regulate themselves leads to Massey mine murdering miners through negligence and cheapness or BP poisoning millions of animals, killing 11 people directly and poisoning an entire ocean due to their obsession with being behind schedule and carelessness. If you do not think this is typical of private business read the decisions by Thiokol which lead to the Challenger explosion. Not very different from the BP process, and the government unwilling to stand up to private, profit and schedule obsessed business due to 30 years of business can do no wrong, government is evil rhetoric. Read about the Bhopal disaster and Union Carbides evasion of responsibility. A constantly repeated event, businesses screw up and do everything they can to avoid responsibility.

        4. Social security does not need to go bankrupt. It is a con to get the money into Wall Street’s hands where they can skim it and leave you out in the cold. Social security was created for a reason and that reason has not gone away.

        5. There have been several other republicon congressmen and senators support barton’s don’t pick on BP meme. And all of the teabag talkers like beck and limpbaugh have pushed it. Forcing the apology was just for show. No, we need executive action. We do not have years to wait for the courts. The relief wells are in a race against time for the well eroding and collapsing catastrophically. The casing is compromised downhole. Obama’s actions in dealing with BP have if anything been not forceful enough. Tony Hayward has no business yacht racing right now. This disaster is potentially and actually far worse than reported. In the upcoming years it wil be a planet and culture changing event. I appreciate the engineering lesson from an actual engineering intern. I was doing engineering before you were born, with degrees in chemical and mechanical engineering. I manage the types of guys who supervise you. You are quite naive and have a lot to learn. I hope you get the chance before your conservative heroes wreck the country and the planet.


    • exopolitical permalink
      July 6, 2010 1:54 pm

      Harry Canary,

      That was one of the most personally offensive comments I have ever read.

      First of all, I am a conservative. That does not mean I hate African-Americans or the working class, condone BP’s actions, or like Ann Coulter and Michael Savage. QUIT making ridiculous, ignorant generalizations and spewing unnecessary hateful comments as it makes you appear to be very petty. I have no doubt that you are intelligent and well read on the issues; however, if you do not conduct yourself in a respectful manner, it will only make you appear narrow-minded and angry. You complain about the strong sense of disconnect between the two opposing ideologies, while fueling it at the same time! So PLEASE, speak civilly or a compromise will never be met.

      I come from a family of eight (6 children) with one working parent. My father is a self-employed carpenter (he got screwed over by 3 unions and took employment into his own hands… thank God he did, too). Guess how much he made in 2009 according to our tax forms? $25,000. If ANYONE has the right to be kicking and screaming about “entitlements” it’s my family. But guess what? We do not rely on the government to support us! That mindset is just as bad (if not WORSE) than that of a spoiled, bratty heir to a family fortune! I go to a college that costs $30,000 a year (yes, my tuition is more than my father’s annual salary). So guess what I did? I applied to over 200 scholarships and won $20,000 based on my grades! Isn’t that amazing? I am so blessed! I could have sat, whined and complained about how rich kids have it SO easy and get to have their college paid for by their mommies and daddies. It is life, and life is unfair. Bottom line. I understand economic equality is unattainable… and I’m okay with that.

      “Social Security is not going bankrupt.” Wow. Wow wow wow. I strongly and respectfully disagree. Social Security is INDEED going bankrupt, but not because Republicans are paying off “rich friends.” Think about it… the 50s baby boom presented America with an extremely large and unexpected increase in the population. Then, in 1973, Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, which has killed off 1.4 million people every year since its institution. That removes a lot of potential tax-contributing citizens! So naturally, due to the circumstances, social security has become increasingly unsustainable. We simply do not have enough people paying into the system to support the retired population.

      Last, your analysis of conservatives and the BP oil spill rests upon a foundation of lies and deceit. To say that ALL conservatives sympathize with BP is. a. LIE. ONE Republican congressman dared to speak such an idiotic statement and he was aptly reprimanded from ALL sides. So please, cut out the finger pointing! Absolutely ridiculous.

  7. car25 permalink
    June 28, 2010 1:49 pm

    A few bones to pick…

    1. The Tea Partiers aren’t attacking anyone…they’re being attacked by the media, if there’s any attack at all. I’ve been to a few rallies and they’re not exactly the violent, malicious people they’re made out to be on tv.

    2. I haven’t met a single member who advocates for “we the wealthy” (and I don’t know why that was quoted), they simply are tired of being taxed an arm and a leg to support those who don’t, but more importantly, WON’T work.

    3. We most certainly are not against fair and safe oversight of industry and the environment, but there comes a point where executive power can be abused.

    4. As a younger member, I don’t cry out against health care but hypocritcally say “hands of my Medicare.” It’s no secret Social Security is going bankrupt. My concern is paying for it my adult life, then when it comes to retire, there’s nothing left for me. I think that’s a legitimate concern. What makes more sense is to set up accounts where people have a sort of personal social security, and it’s taken out of their paycheck for themselves.

    5. And please, please tell me who is apologizing to BP, with the exception of Barton, of course. But that was one man, one voice. No one is apologizing to BP, but we cannot use that disaster to apply a moratorium on drilling. Bobby Jindal was absolutely correct in saying that if those rigs are shut down, they will not remain there, unoperating for 6 months. They will pick up and leave, and once they are gone, they don’t come back. That’s 6% of our economy just up and gone. Besides which, if you knew the details about why the rig exploded, it was 100% BP’s fault. Other oil companies have even come out and said that if BP played by the rules, this would have never happened. BP deserves whatever they get as a result of this, you have my word on it. And if you don’t believe me, I would love to explain why this is BP’s fault entirely and why this incident is no reason to implement a moratorium.

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