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The Tea Party: More Like Al-Qaeda by the Day

April 24, 2010

Is it time to start calling their spiritual leader…

One does have to wonder what is in the minds of the Tea Party.  Really…what are they thinking?

Listen folks, I know about disappointment, and losing when you felt you had a moral imperative to win.  Hell, I grew up in Cleveland and I’m a lifelong Browns, Cavaliers and Indians fan.  I lived through the Drive, the Fumble, the shot by Jordan (1) and the shot by Jordan (2), Jose Mesa’s 9th inning melt down in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series, and the Cavaliers choke versus the Magic just last year.  Yea, I’ve seen my share of heartbreaks and gut wrenching losses.

But at my lowest I never threatened the fans of the winning team with death and destruction.  I never spit on them.  I never went to their homes and severed gas lines, threw bricks thru their windows, or left messages on their voice mail promising them they would die.

I know, I know…how can I compare the loss of a pro sports team to the Armageddon of the Health Care reform bill, which will bring the Republic down and represents the end of times.  Well, the truth is, none of those things that Republicans, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or any of the other extremists have claimed will be a result of the healthcare reform passing, will actually come true.  So at the end of the day, what the sadly stupid core of the Tea Party is left with is really something that is similar to their favorite team losing the Super Bowl.

Why do I say that?  Because only 48 hours after the vote to pass the Healthcare Reform, many of those that led the charge that enraged the Tea Party, the leaders in the GOP who raged against death panels, are now subtly shifting their positions and claiming they helped contribute to parts of the bill that they think will help them get re-elected. So, much like a disappointing end to a championship season, the fans feel betrayed, but the team and the players move on to the next season and the next game.

The problem for the GOP is what they are now left with.  The insurance companies, pharma companies, and other rich fat cats on Wall St., accomplished what they wanted; they ramped up a core of Americans who usually pay more attention to voting for American Idol than they do voting for their elected representatives, and who will soon figure out that what they railed against are the things that will help them most.  And as they were doing it, the CEO’s, the Lobbyists and the politicians pulling the strings were laughing their asses off.

But now, it has vectored out of control.  The insane ranting of Glenn Beck (just watch Jon Stewart of the Daily Show reveal the insanity), the extreme hyperbole of Limbaugh, and the serial lying of Fox News will not stop.  And the Tea Party folks, so enraged and so indoctrinated by the pied pipers from Fox and the GOP, will not stand aside and move on quietly to the next season.  No…they actually believed the lies and disinformation they were fed.  They actually think the nonsense about death panels, socialism and the death of our country will come true.  And consistent with their limited ability to process complex thought, their default is to turn to that which they understand best…KICK ASS BABY!

So now we have bricks thrown through windows of government facilities, death threats on voice mail, gas lines cut at the homes of government officials, and congress members being spit on and called vile names.

In other words, what we have is a de-centralized group of loosely affiliated cells across the country, following the Fox News and Heritage Foundation version of a fatwa, delivered by spiritual leaders wrapped in messianic fantasies, all dedicated to the destruction of American property and democratic institutions, as well as the murder of American citizens. What do you call that?

Will Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, John Boehner, or any of the other cheerleaders of this madness step up and say enough is enough?  Well, to quote the aforementioned Mr. Boehner…HELL NO!  And why should they? They are still making millions and getting fat and rich on the backs of the ‘proletariat’ who they twist into doing their dirty work while keeping their hands relatively clean and raking in the money.

Wake up Tea Party people.  Stop being used and abused.  Your movement is in a death spiral, so you might as well accept it and go back to watching American Idol.  They were only using you for their gain, and it will only hurt you in the long run.

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  1. Joe Mac permalink
    March 28, 2010 7:02 am

    ERM-Dude, The Tea Party/Waterlooser Gang by a huge majority IS Republican. Below is a link to a Quinnipac poll done on 3/24. 74% of this group consider themselves Republican or Republican leaning Independents. Now lets give this poll a 10% error of margin (most are 4-8 %). Even with this error margin that means 64% of this group is Republican not Libertarian. i.e the majority.

    • Brett Gasper permalink
      March 29, 2010 12:20 am

      Yes, The people who attend Tea Parties came from somewhere and have political views. Some insist on bringing their old Republican baggage with them. just like the 24 percent of our Democratic leaning members do. The Campaign for Liberty movement is mostly Libertarian and Independant.

      We don’t have a problem with big government – as long as it’s competent government and protects our freedom.

      I do have a problem with big incompetent government that takes so much in taxes that kills the goose that lays it’s golden egg.

  2. Tom Joad permalink
    March 26, 2010 7:39 am

    The HCR is not about giving to the poor. It is about basic health care. It WORKS in all the other civilized countries in the world. You guys never point out how parasitic the “health care industry” is. How insurers gouge, and take money for basically denying the best health care possible. For dropping customers as soon as they need it. The prices skyrocket because administration costs (totally innefficient)spend most of their overhead trying to push who pays back and forth.
    If you want to see “teabagger logic” just watch this. The interviewer was not out to “make fun” of them, in fact was very respectful, the answers the teabaggers gave, moronic. They hadn’t read the bill they were so incensed about. They couldn’t tell what they meant, they just say “slogans” and buzzwords with no context or basis in reality. Just watch:

    • Ed Bradford permalink
      March 29, 2010 12:24 am

      It works in other countries, but other countries don’t win 60% of the Nobel Prizes for medicine over they past 60 years. Other countries benefit from our drug research by using price controls so our drug companies sell drugs in, Canada, for instance, at a much reduced price. Now, if the US says to the US drug companies – “You’re making too much money. We’re taking away most of your profits.” they will stop doing the research that has increased life spans world wide. Not only America, but the entire world will be worse off.

      Another problem with “other country’s health care systems” is that they can pay 50% of their income in taxes. Do we want a tax that high on the middle class?

      Currently the US is in deep deep trouble with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. This year for the first time, SS will pay out more than it takes in. Between Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security we have a huge unfunded entitlement program that is not sustainable. SS and Medicare are truly Ponzi schemes. There is no fund anywhere. Your money is gone.

      Now you folks are cheering the idea that Obama has significantly increased the entitlements without coming up with any solutions for how to fund it. This is so naive that this administration will be remembered forever as the point at which we accelerated toward a cliff, rather than put on the brakes and made a turn.

      The solution I mention works. It is currently working in Indiana. Whole Foods does it, but Ocare will destroy it. All of Whole Foods people could step out of any kind of government support, but Ocare makes it illegal. A bipartisan study of Social Security determined that the only way to make it sustainable is to privatize it. When the word “private” was waved in front of Democrats in Congress, they flew off the handle. However, privatization is the only way to put Social Security, Medicare and Universal Coverage on a sustainable basis without cutting benefits, raising taxes or changing eligibility. [There is no amount of tax raising that can cover the current SS + Medicare entitlement. For instance, if taxes were raised to 60%, the economy would crash and you would have 60% of nothing.]

      [In case you didn’t know, SS is probably the worst investment you could possibly make. Over your life time, your return on investment is 1% if you are white. If you’re black, your ROI is negative. Also, if you die, your estate loses everything. Do you know any other kind of program like that that would be illegal?]

      You might cheer for the bill O passed, but he is plainly ignorant of the impending financial crises that will be caused by entitlements from Social Security, Medicare and now his new idiotic plan. Ignorance is the only plausible excuse I can think of.

      Unless we repeal this bill in its entirety and pass a PRIVATE OPTION as outlined above [for both SS and Universal healthcare Coverage — note Medicare and Medicaid disappear], there won’t be any Social Security for anyone under 40. Same with health care.

      If you think the Private Option wouldn’t work, just say why? Take it to your Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Media Matters, or AlterNet friends. Ask them to say why it wouldn’t work. Ask them also, how people under 40 are going to ever collect Social Security and health care under the current scheme.

      With the PRIVATE OPTION, if you overdraw your HSA, you suddenly experience a 12% tax off the top of your payroll until you pay it off. You don’t go bankrupt, you do get care for all you medical needs, and since you’re smart, you also mostly don’t even have to pay it off because you carried catastrophic health insurance which covers Cancer and things like deep invasive surgery.

      We need to wake up people around the country and warn them that they aren’t going to get SS or health care unless something really innovative replaces the pay-as-you-go financing schemes of Social Security and Ocare.
      People under 40 who haven’t given this much thought will thank us profusely. The PRIVATE OPTION is the only known way to dig our way out of the $50T entitlement that cannot be paid down with taxes of any kind – VAT, 80% income tax, national sales tax or tarriff’s]

  3. Jimbo permalink
    March 26, 2010 7:14 am

    It’s really disturbing how many people defend the criminal actions of the teabaggers and call it freedom of speech.
    It’s also interesting what kind of stupid arguments are used against the health care reform.
    First comment by Bobby Francis:

    Tell me, Bobby, which civilization is this? When did this ever happen? It’s rather the opposite the case: If you ignore the poor and don’t help them it will backfire on the entire nation. And there is indeed one civilization that proves it: It is America itself.

    • Brett Gasper permalink
      March 28, 2010 11:53 pm

      We are talking exactly that – if you listen. We all agree that something needs to be done. And many agree that insurance is a major cost. Does it make any sense that you would invite insurance companies to draft a bill? Or sign 2,440 pages of law without reading it? In the long run cut Medicare, that serves the poor, by 500 billion and feed insurance companies 1 trillion?

      The 32 million new inflated policies won’t begin to handle the 308 million people – just the 40 million currently on Medicaid.

      I struggle to read through and make sense of the Bill and I can’t say these things because it’s bashing some party? I could give a rat’s ass about party… read it… it’s bad news.

  4. Emilio permalink
    March 26, 2010 3:21 am

    The lying Repuglicons have painted themselves into the political corner they’ve earned. They’ve allowed a drug addled talk radio host to set them up for this defeat on HCR. OxyContin Rush is not a political leader, yet the so-called leaders elected by the right wing element, have consistently demeaned themselves at the alter of their bloated idol, Rush Limbaugh. So many of these frightened little toadies have backpedaled and forced to publicly humiliate themselves for voicing criticisms of their leader. Jolly good show; just keep up with the banality, the American people are on to your antics.

    • Brett Gasper permalink
      March 26, 2010 6:27 am

      Emilio, Insulting hateful and bigoted – you are truly a perpetuator of divisiveness.

  5. Joe Mac permalink
    March 25, 2010 7:27 pm

    I think a better name for the militant arm of the Teaparty Cult is “Waterloosers”.

    • March 25, 2010 8:18 pm

      I LOVE IT!!

      • Brett Gasper permalink
        March 26, 2010 1:01 am

        Man you guys are hateful! lol

      • TCO permalink
        August 7, 2011 7:50 pm

        I love it too! Great truthful commentary on the Tea Party!

    • Brett Gasper permalink
      March 26, 2010 1:34 am

      Erm… Dude. There’s no Tea Party cult. It’s not Republican – it’s Libertarian, and the organization is called Campaign for Liberty. Many of them are for public option and have actually suffered through and read that bill.

      The only reason that Obama won is because moderates like me voted for him and believed the hype of changing a bad situation. This bill has only made a bad situation worse. Instead of paying twice the amount for health care and being 38th we will pay four times the amount and be 38th.

      We know that it is going to break the backs of many businesses, and compound job loss. The 32 million new insurance policies, that will be created, are going to cover the same people dropped by the 500 billion cut in Medicare. So, no new people will really be covered – it will just cost twice as much.

  6. Brett Gasper permalink
    March 25, 2010 3:13 pm

    Again the recurring theme is insurance – we don’t need it if we salary health care providers. Is it too hard to imagine? If insurance is such a good idea, why doesn’t federal and state governments insure their vehicle fleet? Why don’t federal, military and veterans get insurance and go to private hospitals?
    Don’t be disengenuous. Think outside the box – it’s what free thought is all about. Try to imagine a world without insurance. What is the difference between extortion, protection racketts, and mandated insurance? A word? It’s okay because it is the Government that’s doing the arm twisting and leg breaking (fines and imprisonment) if you don’t pay up?

    80 percent of failing business owners claimed that the present health care mandates was the cause of their faiures. A brick-layer friend of mine can’t get insurance, even if he pays for it. No-one will cover him and his present insurer just dropped him.

    32 million new private policies? Medicare has been cut 400 billion and the claimants are being moved to private insurance. Public Employee’s Insurance Agency(PEIA) has been moved to Humana. No new people are being covered… It’s the same people – only twice the cost. Insurance is the problem – not the solution.

    I read the 1990 page Bill (but not the 450 page addendum) that came out the day of the Senate vote. Wouldn’t you know that it passed along party lines.

    It’s not a party issue – it’s one that is a human issue and involves the natural right to live.

    John Locke, who profoundly influenced our Declaration and Constitution said in his treatise on natural rights; “All people being equal, no-one should be deprived of their life, liberty, health or property.”

    • Ed Bradford permalink
      March 25, 2010 10:58 pm

      You are partly right about not needing insurance, but you won’t get anywhere with salaried doctors. What would you tell a young med school graduate who goes and hangs up his shingle? What would you tell the million dollar / year heart surgeon? Are you going to cut his salary? If you do, he’ll retire.

      Insurance is one of the prime reasons we have such high health costs. O wants more insurance and wants to run it and everyone knows the government runs things much more efficiently than private enterprise.

      Insurance is protection against risk. You buy insurance in case you hit someone with your car. You buy insurance in case you house catches fire. You buy insurance in case you need a annual medical exam? Wrong. Insurance should be for unplanned medical issues – cancer, heart problems, grave accidents,etc. That is called catastrophic or very high deductible insurance. It should be paid for cradle to grave without the ability for the insurer to withdraw coverage. Each person should pay the premiums. In addition each person should have a pre-tax funded health savings account that also is paid from a pre-tax dollars as a payroll tax (like SS). That account belongs to the person and the government cannot get its hands on it. Those two features are all that is needed to solve our health care problems goals:

      1. Lower health care costs
      2. Universal coverage

      HSA’s cover all planned healthcare needs for everyone all the time. What if you lose your job and don’t have a payroll. Well, that’s where your wonderful government steps in and helps you — the individual. The government provides overdraft protection so when you go to the doctor you simply pay him from your HSA and the overdraft is covered by the government. You must repay it.

      Because most of the insurance middleman overhead is reduced, medical expenses go down. The United States Government doesn’t have to spend $100B/yr for the foreseeable future and everyone is covered.

      This is why the current bill is just political crap. You should all be writing to your Senators and Representatives and tell them them you’ve changed your mind and want to start over. Obama could have rammed this plan down America’s throat and the Republicans would have been speechless. But O wanted government control in the worst possible way. Now he has it and the country will be in turmoil until the bill is repeal or neutered and a satisfactory health care plan is established. O screwed this up horribly and divided this country in a way that hasn’t been seen since 1967.

      • Brett Gasper permalink
        March 26, 2010 12:55 am

        I would tell the Medical student – Instead of the national average of 130,000 that you will make 200,000 and you won’t have to pay malpractice insurance. You can run your own clinic the way you want and the only time that you will see the government is either to resupply or to pick up your pay check. One thing is for certain, you will never have to spend 40 percent of your day or employ a clerical staff for insurance. At the present rate that makes one doctor like two in the amount of patients they can see. and retrains clerical staff into triage, directing patients, etc.

        Millionaire heart surgeons can continue with things the way they are. Most millionaire heart surgeons are where they’re at because they make 130000 a year – but invest and save, work in Beverly Hills, has patents, owns a hospital, is chief of staff of a large hospital or department. Any of these possibilities wouldn’t change his affairs.

        Canada had a Doctors strike in 1962. Doctors were worried the government would take over their clinics. Lord Taylor was called on to mediate. The Doctors found that they would have complete autonomy and one of five ways of getting paid, including private and fee for service – which most opted to do. In sucessive years, fee for service doctors enjoyed the pay raises – but found that their salaried colleagues made more money than they did. Now, over 90 percent are salaried by choice.

        Everyone has health care, the Canadian people spend less than half of what they did spend, vehicle insurance is rediculously low, injury lawsuits are low, malpractice suits are low and Lord Taylor is a national hero.

        Insurance wouldn’t be illeagal but you would be required to tell the patient that this is a private hospital and you will be billed – before treatment is given.

        I really wish that Obama was a national hero in this issue, but he’s insuring the same people at twice the cost and burdoning the provider with more paperwork.

      • March 26, 2010 6:16 am

        I guess this begs the question ‘where the hell were the republicans, or the Libertarians, or any other meaningful or sincere political or social force during the whole debate? Or for the 8 years of Bush? Or during the first reform attempt that was artfully scuttled? Why all this reasoned and rational ideation NOW? Christ, all people can do is bitch, point fingers, call names and carp about things, but no one takes substantive or meaningful action. And why, because the forces who want to make certain insurance companies stay in business (the INSURANCE COMAPNIES AND THEIR INVESTORS), that the pharma gravy train flows (PHARMA COMPANIES AND THEIR INVESTORS), are extremely powerful, smart and devious and know what’s at stake….millions of $. So all you ideas are fine, but they’ll never be allowed, and it ain’t government or Obama keeping it from happening. And its interesting your belief that O is now this superlative puppet master controlling all things and manipulating all aspects of american social and business life. Good Lord, barely a year in office and he is all powerful in your eyes as the evil overseer. Guess what. If he’s really has accomplished what you’re giving him credit for, than maybe he does deserve to be prez because it would be unprecedented in americ an history for someone to to that in only 15 months.

      • Ed Bradford permalink
        March 26, 2010 8:57 am

        Fee for service doctors in Canada make less than salaried doctors because Canadian government puts price controls on medical care through its single play plan. I think that’s how Canada works. The Canadian government simple decreed that it wouldn’t pay big bucks for medical care. Canada has only 2.2 doctors per 1000 population – the lowest number in Europe and the United States.

        What you are suggesting is not single payer but single provider. That would be complete government takeover of the medical industry. Most people I talk to think that in America, that would be a disaster. Americans don’t want government in their lives. Most believe that government solutions are less efficient that private solutions. Here we find almost no evidence anywhere that government solutions are efficient – please point out any that you know of. For examples of huge inefficient US Government programs, I can think of TVA, Post Office, cash for clunkers, the “Great Society” and it’s war on poverty, Amtrak, Border control, Medicare [nice program, completely unsustainable financially], Social Security [nice program, ROI 1% for white folks, negative for black folks, and you lose it all if you die, and unsustainable financially], Prohibition, Smoot-Hawley tariff, and the list goes on. Only small projects have been successful and not a lot of those. US Government solutions almost never scale well. Also, US Government seems to avoid feedback, especially corrective feedback — identifying all such information as politically motivated and without basis in fact.

        When American politicians get their hands on money, they tend to spend it where it will produce the most votes for their own reelection irrespective of the legally mandated intent for the money. That is one big problem with American governments and should be a strong motivation to minimize the amount of money that flows through the hands of politicians.

        A pre-tax dollar funded, government backed HSA plus catastrophic health insurance would solve all our health care problems and would do the same in other countries. The reason is that the account is owed by the individual and the government only participates when an overdraft happens. At that point, the individual has made the decision to accept help from the government and has committed to repay. I can accept that kind of government help. The concept scales well and is culturally neutral. Obama is a politician and wants to get his hands on the money. That’s why he is pushing for bigger and bigger insurance rather than lower medical costs.

      • FreeMarketer permalink
        March 27, 2010 5:51 pm

        Ed, by my guest and tell me how a person who makes $40k a year is going to be able to save enough money to pay for cancer treatment or a major invasive surgery without making burdensome sacrifices. It’s not going to happen. The Wal-Mart effect doesn’t happen with advanced medicine. If people can’t afford to pay, they simply won’t seek treatment, and because the procedures are so expensive to a) research and bring to market, and b) to finance and perform, many providers will simply cease performing the procedures and costs will increase.

        You’re essentially saying to people — you’ve got a tumor, but you don’t have enough money to cover it. We could save your leg, but since you don’t have enough money, be happy to live with a peg leg.

        This has nothing to do with costs, and everything to do with ideology. The right has long considered insurance schemes to be collectivist. If that’s the case, then let’s also do away with malpractice insurance. Force doctors to pay out of pocket for any mistakes they make. After all, in a free market system, the transaction goes two way. The consumer has a duty to pay, and the provider has a duty to perform the job well.

    • Ed Bradford permalink
      March 27, 2010 1:48 am

      The PRIVATE OPTION is an insurance eliminator. All planned health care is paid for in cash. Only unexpected health care is insured, just like auto insurance and most other kinds of insurance. The unexpected type of insurance would be from birth and not rescind-able. The problem with salaried doctors is you can’t figure a constitutional way to do that in this country. You can’t simply force people to choose a particular mode of business. That kind of totalitarian government doesn’t exist in this country.

      We don’t have a “right” to health care. That is a “good” and there are no rights to goods. If you had a right to a good, you would have to say where it came from and how you are going to get it. If you are going to have a society based on communism where the government owns everything then you can make a house or health care a right. Only when the government owns everything can that be done.

      What you have a right to is life – no one can take it away without due process of law; liberty – no one can take it away with out due process of law; and the pursuit of happiness – whatever that means. These three rights almost always mean the right to own the fruits of your own labor – private property. There are all sorts of consequences if you try to deny the concept of private property. Other than that, everything in this society is earned. That includes a house, leisure time, health care and whatever else Roosevelt thought everyone had a “right” to. He didn’t understand the meaning of the word “right”.

      With Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness our current society is one obvious possible result. It does not included universal health care. If our country and society think it is a wonderful idea to figure out how to make sure everyone gets health care, then we should do it within the framework of the Constitution. When you think about that, then you will conclude there are only two problems with health care in America:

      1. Health care costs too much
      2. All people aren’t covered.

      Therefore, you can set two goals:

      1. Lower health care costs
      2. Universal coverage

      To reach those two goals with minimal government involvement would produce an optimally efficient result. Note, with no insurance involved and minimal government involved, the simple overhead of health care is significantly reduced, thus lowering health care costs. The PRIVATE OPTION is one way to do that.

      There might be others, but creating them and not crossing the boundary of the Constitution is problematic. The PRIVATE OPTION can be implemented within most current understandings of the Constitution — e.g. Ginsburg and Scalia would probably both support it. The new law stretches the Constitution beyond recognition and a large majority of Americans don’t want an individual mandate and don’t believe the law is constitutional.

      • Brett Gasper permalink
        March 28, 2010 11:18 pm

        Adressing the problem is a good thing. It defies party bias and grandstanding. Ed, you and I are in agreement:

        “Note, with no insurance involved and minimal government involved, the simple overhead of health care is significantly reduced,”

        The US has 2.6 doctors per person – but New England States have nearly twice that amount. (Mass – 4.3) and the lower states about 1.6. (AMA)

        The only difference is the wording, you say private option and I call it public option in relation to universal health care for the public.

        A Saskatoon doctor’s day is free to treat patients – instead of insurance claim paperwork. Many of my friends say as much as 40 percent of their day is spent making insurance claims. Hospitals can have as many as 50 people filing claims… another savings.

        One thing is clear, the market will not bear the status quo in light of an aging baby boomer population, an increasingly obese juvenile population and a shrinking middle class… at the cost of life.

  7. Ed Bradford permalink
    March 25, 2010 2:27 pm


    Those of us who have read the bill are angry. Not violent angry but angry. No reasonable person advocates violence. We do advocate using all legal methods to destroy the single worst and most corrupt law in this nations history. I say “corrupt” because if any of the tricks Nancy or Harry pulled were done by an ordinary citizen, that citizen would be in
    jail. I say “worst” because two weeks ago, we had a $57T entitlement hanging over our head and Obama and the rest of the D’s doing nothing about it. Today, they have simply increased the entitlement and done nothing about the debt or consequences of lowering prices on drugs, doctors fees
    and labs.

    Obamacare will produce doctor shortages, increased premium prices and job losses [Caterpillar, MA medical device folks] because the Secretary will exercise his unlimited power to invoke price controls. Price controls always produce shortages.

    Another stupid thing about the bill is that it forces young people to buy insurance when none is needed. When young people need medical care they pay for it. The government doesn’t pay for it and you sure don’t. The illegal aliens are paid for by you and me. The poor are paid for with Medicaid which again is you and me. But both the illegal aliens and the
    poor are paid for today. The new money coming from the uninsured that don’t want insurance is just theft, plain and simple. You can call it what you want, but anyone experiencing the $2600/yr fine will call it theft. They will have a warm feeling when they see those Democrat names on ballots. How many of your friends or even you purchased medical insurance when you were just starting out working in your 20’s? I bet even the big O didn’t buy insurance when he was a community organizer. [I might lose that bet.]

    Basically, 90% of the D’s haven’t read the bill and don’t understand it and why it will never be paid for irrespective of the “curious parameterizations” handed to the CBO to estimate.

    This bill will forever by soiled. A 2011 House will refuse to fund it. A 2013 House, Senate and President will repeal it. There is nothing good about the bill. Obama has created turmoil for our country for years to come with no positive effects.

    The sad thing is there are straightforward efficient ways to offer

    1. Lower medical costs
    2. universal coverage

    but that isn’t what he wanted. He wanted government control and instead of solving a problem, he has created a much bigger one.

    Corrupt and stupid. Do you begin to see why people are angry? Most Americans by all polls thought the bill should be scrapped and the effort started over. He didn’t do that. We are angry.

  8. Pat permalink
    March 25, 2010 2:22 pm

    Let’s see. What’s not to like about the HCR bill. Oh yeah —
    1. Old people will be happy because it will close the Medicare “donut hole”
    2. Young people will be happy because they get to stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26.
    3. People with medical problems will be happy because there will be no denial of insurance because of pre-existing conditions.
    4. Small business and others will be happy because it will keep premiums from skyrocketing any further.
    5. People who lose their jobs will be happy because it will extend COBRA, and make it more affordable.
    6. The insurance companies will remain happy because health insurance will be mandated and insurance companies claim they need to insure more healthy people to be able to hold steady on premiums.
    7. 32 million Americans will be happy because they will finally be able to get insurance.
    8. Comedians will be happy because they will be having a field day with the immature behavior of the G.O.P. since the bill was signed into law.
    9. The G.O.P. will be happy because they rewrite history, and they will quickly turn this around so it sounds like they were part of the historical moment.
    10. Spending critics will be happy because it will save the government money in the long run.

    Obviously, I could go on and on. But I’m sensing that a lot of people who post here have been manipulated beyond my ability to combat it.

    • March 25, 2010 2:27 pm

      Good points. Come January, if by some miracle the Dems lose BOTH majorities (not gonna happen), imagine trying to repeal the bill with all the millions that will have been saved by the reforms (the seniors, adult kids, those with preexisting conditions, the unemployed, small biz, etc..). It would be political suicide and….oh, wait a minute, we’re talking about the Republican Party here…..never mind…

      • Ed Bradford permalink
        March 25, 2010 2:47 pm

        If you lose the House, the House originates all money bills. What if the House refused to fund Obamacare?

        Pat’s note of “What’s not to like” sounds awfully good.
        The donut hole closes in 2020 but raises the cost of Medicare. I think Seniors will have to wait a while.
        Young people who don’t live at home won’t necessarily be covered by, for instance, a retired parent. He will be forced to pay the $2600/yr fine. He really likes that.
        #3 is a problem that can be solved in so many cheaper ways that the HC bill is like taking a sledge hammer to an ant. Small businesses are going to like the bill because if they happen to not be paying for insurance and they make $250K, they will suddenly be hit with a tax and we all know small businesses need new taxes to grow and produce new jobs. Those small businesses are going to really go for this. Extending CORBA and making it more affordable doesn’t cost $100B/yr but you all wanted health care in the worst possible way. Insurance companies will be happy because the Secretary will set their prices and content and the Secretary is beyond judicial review. Businesses always like having the government tell them what to do and how much profit or loss to have.
        32 million Americans will be mad because the government is forcing them to buy high priced insurance when none is needed. [there are much better ways to offer 1) universal coverage; and 2) lower costs]. Spending critics will be happy for a few months until premiums rise, the number of doctors shrink and the congress cannot seem to extract $500B savings from Medicare.

        It seems to be you who has been manipulated.

        Just think about the 22 year old person, working who doesn’t buy insurance even though he could. Most young people don’t need insurance; they simply go to the doctor and pay for what they need. Now they will be forced to pay the $2600/yr fine. They are not going to be happy.

        Read the bill. It is truly a monstrosity.

      • Brett Gasper permalink
        March 25, 2010 3:35 pm

        Ed read the Bill!!! So did I!!! That’s about what I gathered Ed… Though it was incredibly dry and hard to follow. (methinks for a reason).

  9. Brett Gasper permalink
    March 25, 2010 1:46 pm

    Hi Dan,
    I was a Reagan Democrat, a Clinton Republican, then a Gore Republican. I am a Tea Party member – who supports the Public Option. Like you, I’ve been a guest columnist in journalism too.

    The problem with health care is that there exists a triangle between health care providers, insurance and trial lawyers – each with the greed driven ability to drive up the rates of the other two. The solution is not to feed the beast responsible for the problem, but to break the triangle with salaried health care providers and institute tort reforms.

    For one month of vehicle insurance, every doctor in America can enjoy a pay increase to $200,000 per year and we can all enjoy free access to a physician. Vehicle insurance would drop – because there would be no health care claims and be limited to property damage.

    As far as tort reforms go, no-one will get a million dollars in a malpractice suit – but the physician, with a history of malpractice, will be sanctioned by the licensing board and relegated to a job that he/she could do no harm.

    Don’t legislate to doctors how to do their job ; but if you build it – they will come.

    The present health care system is such that we spend more than twice the best health care providers in the world 16.7 percent of our GNP – yet we rank 38th according to the World Health Organization (right behind the third world country of Fiji) and accessibility (not quality) is the hurdle.

    The trade off is; that all the, out of work, insurance people won’t have to worry about getting sick while they look for work.

    I was involved with Campaign for Liberty before Fox or MSNBC (biased media) even knew who we were and I don’t always agree with some of our members.

    The Health Care bill was an abortion from what it was intended to do and what, I feel, the American people wanted.

    We do have Democrat members too you know.

    • March 25, 2010 2:01 pm

      Excellent coments, and very informative. Thank you.

  10. Lmaris permalink
    March 25, 2010 1:23 pm

    Ed blames the bill for fanning flames, when it has done nothing of the kind. The right wing spin machine has been spewing hate since Obama’s election, and violence has ensued.

    The idea that Fox provides both sides of the issue is laughable. Ailes himself admits it doesn’t. Step away from the koolade.

    Back when they held power, the GOP condemned civil criticism of GWB’S policies (which the GOP controlled Congress enacted over Democratic opposition) as un-American and treasonous especially during a time of war. But the war continues, and power has swapped sides. Now criticism isn’t sufficient for the GOP. They advocate actual revolution, which IS treason. Advocate violence, which is also criminal. And they blame people whose views aren’t similar to theirs, but who have the majority, as causing the violence.

    There is a term for the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to instill fear intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological. It is called terrorism.

  11. Ed Bradford permalink
    March 25, 2010 12:02 pm

    The flames have been stoked by the bill. Those who have read it are horrified, unless, they are more interested in the government getting its hands on all that money that flows through insurance companies. Fox presents mostly both sides of issues unless you watch only Beck. However, if you watch NBC,CBS,ABC,MSNBC or CNN you get one side only. You would be better off watching news only on Fox. At least that way you might understand why a single Senator could stop a bill.

    As for the violence aimed at the Democrats, the betting right now is that was contrived by the Chicago Political machine. After all, conservatives haven’t made a movie about assassination of the President.

    I think you’ll find that by November, the Tea Party movement will have folded itself into the Republican party, the Republican Party will be strongly in favor of repealing the HC bill (in synchrony with the majority of Americans who are against the bill), and that both houses will no longer be controlled by D’s. I guess, you’re right. Tea Party will disappear because it will become one with the Republican party.

  12. Bobby Francis permalink
    March 25, 2010 11:27 am

    Sounds like you have it all figured out but please read some history before bashing people. When you to take money from the rich and the working and give it to the poor. EVERY civilization that has done this falls fairly quick. Because the country separate it will all the retoric on both sides. It isn’t close yet but people are taking sides. Instead of working together as Americans to get things acomplished. Thats why I don’t belong or ever plan on being in a political party. There are a majority of us who don’t want stuff forced on us. That don’t make the peaceful people who disagree with the Healthcare bill as it is or the whitehouse extremist or terrorist. People within the law have the assemple and peacefully protest and free speech. Most people did but then there are the idiots. So the stupid morons of their group of course will break the law. Every group has them. I am by far not one of them. There are a bunch of us that wouldn’t do that kind of terrible things and death threats. Huge Cleveland also. Man go Cavs. Yes Glenn and the others have raked in the money with this. I hate it too. All they are doing is polarizing a nation in a recession but none of them especially Beck hasn’t told anybody to be violent. Idiots just think of that instead of words. I was behind what the Tea Party people were trying to do before Beck knew what it was. Now that they are repeating themselves a nausium. To get you scared and buy there books or go to there shows. It is hard to watch. So are other news stations that have their agendas also. I don’t like the way and some of what they passed. It was very fishy to me. My congress women was set aginst this bill but because of mob mentallity in Washington over my lifetime. Suddenly two days the vote she just had vote the other way. Im mad but it her vote and really surprised. Even if was really mad resorting violence is just childish. To really save money with this bill and not be ANOTHER burrden us tax payers. We need more doctors. That’s not going to happen. Also bring down the cost. These doctors we do have will more than definatly raise prices because of the over burden of millions more going to doctors. My biggest fear is turning into England or Canada who health care gets worse by the year. Calling people names and talking down to them. Is not a good way to get you point across. Anyway I hope they keep working on it to make it better eventhough it’s been signed by the President. I hope the Tribe and Browns turn it around this year. Things are lookin up. The Cavs are already there. It was nice seeing Big Z last night. Peace

    • March 25, 2010 11:36 am

      Thanks for the comment. I know it is not fair to paint with a broad brush, but unfortunately it is the way the rhetoric is in the current environment. The intent is really directed at those that are stoking the flames, and who then pretend they had nothing to do with the loose cannons & crazies who go to the unfortunate extreme. Yes, we have a right to disagree, but it is best when it is sincere and not the planted by manipulators on both sides of the debate.

      • Bobby Francis permalink
        March 25, 2010 11:57 am

        Absolutly right. Mostly I hate we are divided over this. Can’t we all just get along. lol There are enough people and Countries that hate us. If we get really divided in anything. It’s opening a door to Armageddon thats for sure. Like the foriegn terrorists, others and unfortunatly homegrown ones. Actually I ran across your blog because I have iphone apps for the indians, browns, and the tribe. It was on all three. Peace

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